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  1. Andy_S

    Blog My 1997 March Cabriolet

    Hi let me be the first to do a new topic. This is my March Cabriolet as she is right now 1.3 Manual 16x8 Rota Cups BSR Coilovers Top one in below pic is going to be a trailer ;-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Andy_S

    K11 LSD

    For sale K11 LSD for CG10 or CG13 gearbox. Condition: slightly used Price £450 posted Location manchester Need gone asap
  3. Andy_S

    fhk11 march Cabriolet for sale

    selling my micra cab in Standard form. see my blog for history on this. breakdown of things. Tax and MOT till Feb 15 no advisories last mot 1.3 cg13de engine CVT Gearbox 13" standard Alloys NOT STARMAGS - Can include 14" Alloys for a extra £100 with mint tyres No stereo Headlights back to...
  4. Andy_S

    Sunroof K11 For Sale

    I have for sale a K11 Sunroof with everything ready to bolt in. Was removed from my black sr and in full working order COLLECTION ONLY DUE TO BEING GLASS Location: Royton, Oldham, OL2 5NN Price: £30 Need this gone ASAP as need to move units!!!
  5. Andy_S

    Cg13de engine and gearbox

    117,656miles on engine. Engine ran like a dream upto 7,500rpm!! Gearbox noisy and won't stay in 5th gear No power steering pump and needs a belt for the pulleys. £50 Ono collected from royton Manchester it's in the way
  6. Andy_S

    Heater card

    Heater resistor card for k11 full working order all speeds £20 posted
  7. Andy_S

    Nissan Micra estate (March box)

    Anyone seen one in the uk? Thinking of getting one from japan and getting it imported. Be a great works vehicle! ;-) Imagine that I'd have a hatchback k11, a cabriolet k11 and a estate k11 haha
  8. Andy_S

    Micra SR breaking

    Hi. Gonna be stripping this car end of the month. Bought this just for the rear axle as had abs disc brakes all round ;-) I'm driving the car around till end of month when it runs out of tax then it will be in my unit being stripped. So if anyone's interested let me know. Prices below don't...
  9. Andy_S

    Rev counter dodgy

    Hi guys. On my Micra sr I've found the rev counter does it's own thing. It will bounce around going up and down randomly when I'm accelerating lol. Any ideas?
  10. Andy_S

    5th gear issue cg13de

    Hi guys. Just collected a Micra sr. Been fine for 45 miles on way home and it now keeps popping out of 5th gear with a crunching noise. Any ideas? Gonna have to drop to 60mph now in 4th to keep same revs as 5th at 70 lol
  11. Andy_S


    Hi. After some info off the techy guys. I've been given a price to carb up my sr20 with everything I need to bolt on from boggbros I think they called. I'm seriously considering it. However how would I use the dizzy to create a spark? Many thanks
  12. Andy_S

    What's this pipe for

    Coming out the rear offside
  13. Andy_S

    Headlight modifying

    Ok I'm modifying the 2.0l Micra headlights. I've painted the surrounds black Now I'm unsure on what to do next. Do I A) angel eye ccfl B) angel eye led C) LED Strip (diagonal down by side of indicator an then across the bottom) Also do I keep the yellow indicator bit or not and put a...
  14. Andy_S

    Aftermarket bonnet

    No longer required. Needs a bit of work Has bonnet scoop and two grills on top. Pick up only from oldham just off a627m £50 Ono
  15. Andy_S

    Bought another Micra - K11 March Cabriolet!

    Just picked this beauty up! Now this was on eBay and didn't sell. So I went to see it and saw it was in better condition than they were advertising it. There is a small bit of rust on drivers door which upon inspection can just be sanded down to metal, filled and painted The roof only has a rip...
  16. Andy_S

    Rear Disc brakes and calipers (to do conversion)

    anyone got these for sale? anyone know where I can get from? Want to convert from drums to discs thanks
  17. Andy_S

    Petrol generator 3.4kw 240v 110v

    As title Good working order. Collection only from Oldham No longer required & need cash Price: £150 Ono This is a bargain! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Andy_S

    Universal hks replica dump valve

    £25 posted. All fitted together just need vaccumm hose and a t piece Fitted for a week then removed in favour of a hks twin piston dump valve Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Andy_S

    boost controllers are these worth it? what do they do exactly? cheers
  20. Andy_S

    bmw powered rwd micra

    wtf mental! check his other vids!!