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  1. micra.jas

    Samsung android phones

    I have the updated samsung galaxy s3 mini GT handset. For the past few months my phone has shown signs of "not registerd on network" even when i have good signal....this can happen at anytime and really getting more often now and ive just sent my flat mate to tesco tonight to get me a cheap...
  2. micra.jas

    SR20DE Red Top

    Yup selling my engine as got a diffrent one which is a secret. The red top was running in a primera egt before being taken out but has sat for about a year now in a shed and about 3 of those months attached to my car outside during the summer. It comes ONLY with a dizzy and header, clutch and...
  3. micra.jas

    My side project

    For sometime now ive toyd with the idea of breaking nissan micras and selling micra related parts. I know alot of our parts are swapped within the msc community which is perfect but if you need a part and dont want to pay scrap yard prices or a fellow member has sold the part you needed then...
  4. micra.jas

    K11 most parts available

    Picked up this today locally to help transfer parts over to my march project. Shall be stripping the rest of the car if anyone needs any parts even its a wheel nut!! Prices from 99 pence upwards. No gearbox but do have a half stripped cg10de in the boot looks like cam chain snapped. Please...
  5. micra.jas

    Few parts

    Im in need of a engine bay loom for a pre nats k11 just so i can power all lights and speedo e.c.t in my March project. Also a fibreglass dash or a flocked lightend k11 dash K11 polycarb window kit K11 manual pedal setup Thanks
  6. micra.jas

    Issue with my AE82

    Picked her up from the yard today after being sat for 2 weeks and she fired right up on half a turn........however driving back home around 15 miles i park up for 5 mins and car takes alooong time to turn to parents leave for 1.5 hrs and turns over right in town and...
  7. micra.jas

    Wheel question pricing

    I have a genuine set of Gold 6 spoke WANTANABE alloy wheels off my AE82 Corolla liftback. With decent rubber What be they worth?? Pic is in other thread down the page on this genreal chat
  8. micra.jas

    My new retro ride

    Well finally the primera has gone and this is what ive replaced her with......if you dont know what it is or what she is rolling on then you need educating lol.
  9. micra.jas

    Ga16de conversion gearbox

    I might be buying the ga16 k11 i was offerd last has the cg13de box mounted to it. Is this correct and will the gearbox and clutch all work ok? It drives as i tested it yesterday. He is also running the k11 ecu but again is this ok or can i plumb in my megasquirt ecu and create my...
  10. micra.jas

    Engine package

    Hey people I crashed my GT last week so stripping her completley. This ad is for a 1999 SR20De engine and manual box complete with ecu, starter, inlet, alternator, dizzy.. £250 for the lot and extra if you want it posted.
  11. micra.jas

    K11 steering parts

    Hi I need steering column and steering rack pretty please.....preferably posted.
  12. micra.jas

    Stuffs for sale

    I selling the following as unwanted. 3x K11 throttle bodies believed to be working. £29 each deliverd in u.k Twin dtm backbox in good nick made by Powerflow... £20 +postage Almera GTi facelift grill in black in great condition.... £15 +postage will update as I get pics of other items
  13. micra.jas

    Ga16 powerd K11

    I was offerd a k11 with ga16 all up and running but cant afford it even tho it was cheap. So if anyone interested its down in Lifton, Devon. The guy is called Kelvin 07881373500 Cannot provide a price as the price I was offerd may have been mates rates as I know him. Good luck Jas:rolleyes:
  14. micra.jas

    New company Southwest Motorsport

    I attended Boconnoc rally stages yesterday to watch my mechanic come 6th overall out of 50. There was a stand called Southwest motorsport a new company located in ivybridge Devon specialising in rally cars and most things motorsport related. One thing caught my eye is they sell alot of...
  15. micra.jas


    Needed a fully working k11 fuel pump as mine might have failed on me Anyone please?
  16. micra.jas

    Engine running issue when hot weather

    Ok regarding to a previous issue I had with using 4 throttle bodies in a week I now believe there is somethong else causing my running issues..... I fitted the latest working throttle body on tuesday and it ran ok only with slight hesitation at high revving and drove everyday until 3pm today on...
  17. micra.jas

    Throttle body hat trick

    I feel im going the past week ive gone thru 3 throttle bodies....all appeare to fail on me....usual signs like hesitant revs and cutting out when stationary and lurching foward when throttle is pressed hard. All came off my working cars in the yard. Am I just having bad luck or is...
  18. micra.jas

    K11 Goodies for sale (inc March parts)

    Emptied out my new project today and realised a few goodies lurked inside which I do not need. All items are sold as spairs/repairs but look in good working condition. I can arrange courier or you can just pm me. 1. Nissan March ECU £20 SOLD 2. Nissan March complete wiring loom £10 SOLD 3...
  19. micra.jas

    SR20 Roadtrip :)

    On the road again....this time to North Wales to collect my new toy......A SR20De powerd nissan March. Left cornwall at 04:30am haha as my driver has to do deliverys first in reading and stockport. If you see a Yellow vauxhall van with a trailer cruising the motorways or near your home then...
  20. micra.jas

    The BTCC

    Anyone else follow this? Im currently on the m6 traveling to our hotel as we are off to Oulton Park tommorow :) Anyone else going?