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  1. kennierobo

    27k micra k11

    found today local to me worth the money for engine alone
  2. kennierobo

    BP code calculator

    I dont often visit msn any more but still get emails regarding radio codes so here is link to download calculator where the X is in middle you omit or leave out the digit that would correspond...... link is virus...
  3. kennierobo

    Mgf tf convertable

    I was going to type description however the pics can do the work for me......420 miles covered in last two years.. showing 44k has mot until june 2017 drives as it should.....£1400 or very nearest offer
  4. kennierobo

    still here

    just had a look around, as ive not been here for a while nice to see frank still giving out advice. and still plenty of micra's kicking about. I dont own any micra's now dont know if thats good or bad lol. anyway keep up the good work lads/lasses.......and glad to see that the sports club still...
  5. kennierobo


    You either beleave or you dont. But yesterday i went on a visit to york taking the odd photo here and there and on inspection there was plenty of things (orbs) and a strange shadow in a window, and no im sorry its not a reflection as one its to high up and there were only me and the wife in that...
  6. kennierobo

    W REG 2000 MICRA

    Some of you may remember me repairing this a while ago...I did do a blog but cant seem to find the thread but no matter. The micra has coverd a mere 41777 part stamped service history the rest done by me every 6k. Anyway MOT UNTIL APRIL 14 TAX end october this year. There were no advisory's on...
  7. kennierobo


    How long should it take after money go'es through off paypal
  8. kennierobo


    anyone got a copy of the disc or discs they can send me.........Daughter taking to the roads
  9. kennierobo


    Brand new used once last year now council pulled out all hedges I dont need them cost £200 first £80.00 no offers
  10. kennierobo

    Micra 1.3 si

    Bought her back as I didnt want to see her geting sold to some muppett but as its of no use to me its for sale here to any sensible offer tax runs out end of month mot runs out end august sept ... Now the good bits fantastic 1.3 engine pulls like a steam train gearbox also great...
  11. kennierobo

    Members help! Whats it worth

    I would like the help of members here to value this micra I have just purchased. It has tax until end of month and mot until sept. I am going to list it on ebay on a buy it now maybe next week but would like to get a reasonable and honest response to what its worth. 1997 1.3 si......Now this is...
  12. kennierobo

    Hard top or soft top

    I was asked by my mate to bid on a 4x4 on fleabay 220899867840 now as you can see the car in the photo clearly is a hardtop and is also described in description as a hardtop.....But when you go on a price comparison web site for a quote it shows as a soft top and there is the dilema...Ive used...
  13. kennierobo


    Kev can we not have a freebie section micra related only of course, just a thought as I have stuff laying around that could be of use but dont fancy having to charge for it....:wow:
  14. kennierobo

    Im in to it

    It should have had a buy it now price on it, now im going to have to bid with the rest of them.........ITS MINE I TELL YOU
  15. kennierobo

    ebay find

    sorry if its already been posted but its one for the k10 guys.
  16. kennierobo

    Timing chain question

    I know from reading threads posts ect that the early k12 micras had issues with poor quality timing chains can anyone tell me when this was put right, ie the year model ect. Ive just got the chance of a 1,240 cc k12 on a 56 plate but do not want to commit if its going to be a case of doing chain...
  17. kennierobo

    Failed on ebay

    Tried selling my k12 on ebay .....started it at a ridiculas low price and it failed it didnt even get 1 bid, was it my listing that was wrong the photos maybe....Nope all of them were good maybe just maybe no one wants these micra's so now its back on again as a classified add will it sell? I...
  18. kennierobo


    This morning on the way to work I drove into the back of a car, at some lights, whilst not really paying attention. The driver got out and he was a dwarf. He said, "I'm not happy." I replied, "Well, which one are you then?"
  19. kennierobo

    Suspended from work

    As per title after cliping a 3 course high wall in my van resulting in the nearside wheel been busted, I have been suspended for fai;ure to report an accident......Fact is that I did tell a manager on the day it happened and I would say that it was more of an incident than an accident. The speed...
  20. kennierobo


    Quick and simple question anyone know if the later p12 primera gearbox will mate upto the p11 primera engine