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  1. MattDaKav

    MA10ET rocker / tappet / valve spring issue... no room for adjustment on 1 and 2 ?!

    Hi all, I'm attempting to set my tappets... I have found that one and two valve springs remain against the rockers and so no adjustment is possible. Maybe I have weakened valve springs, maybe the wrong springs, maybe something else? I made a quick video to explain... Any suggestions welcome...
  2. MattDaKav

    Figaro Coupe - welding up the roof

    This is happening... I cant find any pics of other Figs with the same treatment... anyone know of any?
  3. MattDaKav

    The hybrid clutch thread

    I am going to need to make a @frank style hybrid clutch as part of the auto to manual swap on my Figaro. I will document process here...
  4. MattDaKav

    K10 steering lock to lock

    Hi folks, I've heard that the PAS racks on the Figaros are quicker than the manual racks in most (all?) K10 Micras. I want to convert my Fig to a manual rack, but I don't want a slower rack. The Fig is 2.5 turns lock to lock, does anyone know the lock to lock of the Micras? Thanks.
  5. MattDaKav

    K10 160mm performance clutch options in 2019... and strongest gearbox

    Hi all, I'm nearly ready to manual swap my figaro but I've heard that regular K10 clutches cant handle the massive (lol) torque of the MA10ET. After reading lots of threads from years ago, I'm still not sure that I've found a good solution. Is the 160mm Black Diamond Stage 3 paddle kit...
  6. MattDaKav

    KYB Excel G gas shocks part numbers and availability

    Hi, I've been trying to find the part numbers for the KYB Excel G gas shocks for the K10... The rears are the same unit each side and I believe that the part number is 341056. I can only find 'right' front units available. Part number 332060. Does anyone know if the fronts are the same both...
  7. MattDaKav

    Manual K10 stuff for Figgy swap

    Hi all, I'm on the lookout for the bits to manual swap my Figaro, either the parts or a whole K10 donor car. I think I need the following: Gearbox (four or five speed), Gearbox mounts Clutch cable, Gear selector / stick Pedal box Driveshafts Starter motor Clutch and flywheel I'm in...
  8. MattDaKav

    Digital speedo stuck at 28mph?! + Revs hunting

    Hi all, I bought an SR at the weekend and I'm loving it so far. I notice that, although the speedo dial works, the digital speed display is stuck at 28mph, unless I've miss understood this display? The other issue is that the revs hunt between 1500 and 2500 when off throttle and pulling up...