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    Nissan Connect

    Does anyone know if there are firmware updates for nissan connect head unit. I don't mean map updates. Reason I'm asking - bluetooth + usb connection: whilst most phones work there can be issues with the latest smartphones. Usually fixed with updates to phone. Also anyone fond any problem...
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    LED indicator bulbs

    Notice all 6 indicator bulbs on K13, Front Back and Sides, are the painted bulb type not tinted reflector. From experience after 3 to 4 years the amber colour starts to peel off which can be MOT failure as bulbs would supposedly flash white light. Thinking at some point I might replace with...
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    How much nissan employees pay for a micra & other models Sent from BlackBerry 9790 using Tapatalk
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    DAB radio

    I have a DAB radio unit that I'm trying to fit in the Micra in combination with the Nissan CONNECT head unit. (works by re-transmitting as FM, either wireless or with inline feed) Ive worked out: 1) How to get to the Nissan CONNECT unit, Owl shaped dash central section pulls off, no screws...
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    interior lighting

    My uk spec k13 has interior light far front behind rear view mirror, led lighting on centre consol doors and between glove boxes. Don't know if all micras have this or just tekna? There's no lighting in the back. I concider fitting led amber lights in the rear doors same as front anyone know...
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    reposition usb socket

    I didn't like the usb in footwell, as it was going to get usb sticks kicked and damaged and I could not reach to swap sticks with mobile phone for charge. It can be moved as in pic without cutting wiring loom. The loom is long enough to relocate. Only just long enough. Have unattached cigar...
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    Speed bumps

    My Micra is 13 months old now. Approx 8K miles On my route to work 5 miles. I pass over at least a dozen speed bumps and raised tables each way. I find that unless I slow down to an absolute crawl the suspension or possibly engine mounts or anti roll bar make the most annoying noises. Noises...