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  1. Loverlees

    Noticed on eBay...

    Hi all, I've come across these on eBay, and may be of interest to someone as you all know these are Extremely RARE.. Cheers Lee
  2. Loverlees

    Fitted Apexi Rev Counter to my Micra

    Hi guys, I thought that l would share my photos of my install of Apexi EL Rev Counter which l fitted due to not having one.. I'm really pleased with the quality and look of it. Whats your thoughts?
  3. Loverlees

    How to fit a Apexi Rev Counter to a 2000 K11 1.3i CVT

    Hi guys, I know that this has possibly been mentioned before on here, but i need your help I have purchased a Apexi All i want to know is, how to wire this into my Micra 1.3i 16v CVT? it doesnt...
  4. Loverlees

    New Pictures of my Micra...

  5. Loverlees

    Whats everybody getting to the gallon on a 1.3i 16v Auto

    Hi all, I've got a 2000/V Nissan Micra with a 1.3i 16v Auto, and not getting much out of mpg? Especially with this quite cold weather we are having.:eek: Whats mileage is everybody getting from there Micra?? Cheers Lee
  6. Loverlees

    Whats better K11 or K12

    Hi guys, Just had a thought, i dont know if it as been asked yet.. What do you as a Micra enthusiast, class is the best micra the K11 or K12? Rate below Lee
  7. Loverlees

    K11 Micra Sales Brochure (Wanted)

    Hi, Does anybody have a Genuine Sales Brochure for the Micra (K11) they wish to sell? It must have the Profile Spec in it.. Many thanks Lee
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    wanting to become a Full Member, but how?

    Hi, I want to join up to become a full member of the club, how much is it? and can l pay via Cheque? Is there a form i can print and send with payment?? Many thanks, Lee
  9. Loverlees

    My Micra Passed it's MOT...

    HI all, I know that my Micra hasn't been long in my ownership but i knew that the dreaded MOT was due at the end of November, so allowing that you can test it a month before the due date, I spent a day checking underneath the car, and was amazed how clean it was, but i still painted some Waxoyl...
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    Hi all, Just to introduce myself, my name is Lee and have recently been given a genuine 32k Nissan Micra 1.3i 'Profile' 3 door hatchback in Ocean Blue by a 92 year old lady due to her giving up driving (about time:eek:) Its got full Supplied Nissan Service History with all books and keys etc...