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  1. Karsten

    CGA3DE X-Alpha

    Soo.. has anyone ever gotten a hold of this 101 ps engine? or know anything about what Nissan did to get those extra ponies out of it? I could guess myself on some different pistons and a cam change, but hard facts would be interesting.
  2. Karsten

    Wanted: Micra K11 A-pillar tweeter mount and trim

    As the title says, looking to buy the above. It will have to be shipped to Denmark, so I will off course pay shipping fees.
  3. Karsten

    Super S "build" from Denmark

    Car: K11 Super S Build philosophy: 1. Anything added has to be the same weight or lower. 2. If something adds power it can deviate from 1. 3. If something adds "stiffness" it can deviate from 1. 4. If something adds "durability" it can deviate from 1 5. If something is added in 2, 3 and 4 that...
  4. Karsten

    Viking Micra ;)

    New here, from Denmark. My Micra history is that I sometimes drove and full time (seldomly) serviced my moms K11 1.0 for 10 years, so after I started studying again at the age of 35 I had to let my "old" 325i go and buy something a little more economicly sensible. So last fall I'm off to Berlin...