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  1. 5ilver Micra

    K11 Rear coilovers For Sale

    Hi guys and girls, I've got my Spax coilovers for sale that I was running on my play toy k11, they were only on for about a month and was missing rwd! I was using these on the back and corsa b coilovers on the front. They cost me around £400 and at the min there at £150...
  2. 5ilver Micra

    Wheyy I've found one!

    I've being meaning to get another micra for ages and finally found one a few days ago! Following from this thread:!!!!!?highlight= I got an rx7 fc, then a Datsun 910, then a lexus ls400 VIP bus...
  3. 5ilver Micra

    I'm such a tool!

    About 3 months ago I posted up a thread about what cars I had in the past and that I was getting rid of the truck to get another Micra that I had plans for.!!!!!?highlight= I got offered a swap for a standard looking...
  4. 5ilver Micra

    Im Back and getting another micra!!!!!

    Hi all im Gaz, i first signed up in 2006 and got my first micra, a T reg silver 1.0l that only had 11.000 miles. Some of you may remember me as i came to a few JAE's and the one with 17'' alloys :doh:. few picys: Basicly i had it for 2 years and sold it to get a 200sx that i loved :p...
  5. 5ilver Micra

    Newcastle Gateshead???

    Hay all, im stayin in the Hilton Hotel in Gateshead and will be driving about tomorrow from dinner timeish so if anyone sees me, flag me down lol, Ill be driving my Silver k11 about with a Very loud exhaust, ya shouldnt miss me :P First time heya and im feelin the views allready :D
  6. 5ilver Micra

    Daiyama Coilovers??

    Sorry if this is a repost but anyone know if there any good? There Height and damper adjustable 80mm front and 50mm rear. clicky clicky
  7. 5ilver Micra

    17inch Alloys Fit

    Hi, ive been wanting some 17's for my micra for a long time now and im gonna have some for Jae not sayin wich ones yet as im still decidin but before i went and threw £600 at them id better make sure they fit. So i asked a friend if i could borrow his wheels from a Corsa C so we wacked them on...
  8. 5ilver Micra

    17Inch Wheels HeLp Please

    Ive fallen in love with these wheels and i cant find them in any smaller size than 17, my K11 is lowered 35mm allready if i get these 17inch wheels would they fit? Im not botherd about speed i know it slows the car down alot but i jus want her to look the biz. hear are the sizes: If they...
  9. 5ilver Micra

    HELP Interior :(

    Hi i really dont like my interior its the bright orange/yellow style....i was just wondering if any other seats from other cars ect fit in? im After sort of a Sporty one colourd. If i dont find anything i might hava go at re trimming them my self with white leather :) Cheers Gaz
  10. 5ilver Micra

    2 Days 2 Smashed cars

    Is it just me that im Jynxed or all my friends just unlucky? Everyone i know and go out with has crashed except 3 people. 1st car that happend Yesterday well...Thursday....My mate was goin down the Cat n Fiddle in buxton...(Dont know if uve herd of it) and he had never been down in the dark...
  11. 5ilver Micra

    3rd Time Lucky Wheels

    Hi all i have Just put my new wheels on with Clear indecators new 16V badges and a quick clean :grinning: Please tell me what you think ohh and sorry for the Pic quality its from my mobile :D
  12. 5ilver Micra

    Help on fog lights

    Hi on my K11 micra i have some fog light's in the bumper but no wire or connectors i was wondering if any one knew if my fog light connectors will be the same as the -->D<-- Shape ones as mine are rounded -->O<-- :laugh:. Also....if you have any i would like to buy them :laugh: Ohh...
  13. 5ilver Micra

    16" wheels

    Hi i have a k11 1.0 micra on a T plate and i was just wondering if a set of 16" alloys would fit on without doing anything to the arches? :grinning: