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  1. Titch

    Hello from an Oldie!

    Why hello!! Been ages since I've last been on here, so I though I'd come on and see who is still about. I see James is still at the stern of the webpage, and Ed and Kev are still at the Wheel! I sold my K11 back in 2007 which in all honesty broke my heart. From there I moved on to a Mk 5...
  2. Titch

    Saw Voice!

    Evening, Not posted in a while - how are we all?! Need help. I've a fancy dress party to go to on Saturday and I've got the outfit of the freaky doll from the Saw films. To finish it off - I want to get some of the recordings that he makes through the film. All the stuff he gets his victims to...
  3. Titch

    Honda Civic Type R

    Hello all, Have been considering getting one of the older Civic type R's as my next car. The Fiesta ain't that old, but the turbo has blown up on it already (only a 55 reg!) and i generally don't like it. Been doing some quotes for a Civic and it seems my older age has its benifits as it...
  4. Titch

    Sky TV

    Morning all, hope we all had a good X-mas. Been a while since i've been on here! Have a question about Sky. At my old house i had sky plus, and i've recently just moved to a new place which is all plumbed for Sky plus, i just don't have the box etc. Now - my mum still live at the old place...
  5. Titch

    Data recovery

    Alright all - been ages since i've posted here! Needing a bit of help. Need to see if its possible to recover a file form an SD memory card. To cut a long story short we were filming a movie of a lad trying to put up his tent. He was going mental, but we were buckeled watching him. So, while we...
  6. Titch

    My K11 is gone!

    Yep After 3 years of the K11 - i parted with it Yesterday. Gutted to see it go, but also happy that i get to move on in the car world etc. So, the question on everyones mind is - what did i get?! Well, i got a New Fiesta, Turbo Diesel, 1.4, Black, 3 door. Will be perect for my work, and also...
  7. Titch

    Titch's K11

    Yes - again!! Now wanting rid of it for sure, no more i'll take offers and get back to you kinda stuuf, now its time that i must move on - and part with it. *sniff* And the pooch, Anyhoo - Engine 2000 K11 Micra - Silver 1.3 Super S Engine Primera Gearbox 200mm Exceddy...
  8. Titch

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year for 2007

    Merry Christmas every one! Just want to say hope everyone has a great Christmas and also all the best for a Fantastic New Year. Daz - i'll see you on xmas day as usuall! All the Best guys Titch :kungfu:
  9. Titch

    PDA Advice

    Hey, Really just looking for advice on what is the best: Make Model Features Extra Stuff and most importantly, where to get them and how much. I need one really for photos, Music (AUX or headphones), mobile Media (Videos and pics etc) and also work stuff like notes and reminders. Also the...
  10. Titch

    Wisdom or Foolish?

    Young Drivers in Free Race Offer I'm gonna go down tonight, hit the ton and see if i get a free ticket. :suspect::rolleyes: Really Retarded - especially with all the Neds/Fannies down there. Titch :kungfu:
  11. Titch

    X-Box Live

    X-Box 360 Live Thought that we could make a page with users logons etc, maybe have a few wee Games online? I'm Micra Eccose 84, if your online gimmie a shout :) Add to list etc.. 1. Titch - Micra Eccose 84 2. 3. 4. 5. And so on...
  12. Titch

    Ebay find

    First thread in ages lol Anyway, here Titch :kungfu:
  13. Titch

    Hi & Bye

    Hey - not been on in about 3 weeks, had alot on etc. Lots been happening, Silver K11 is no more, and not coming back from the dead! Long story, and i'm not going into it, but draw up your own conclusions etc. Unfortunally i won't be at JAE atall, too much on and not got a car worthy of...
  14. Titch

    Knockhill Review

    Was Ace! Turns out that the Top Gear Challenge was ther, so that meant all of the Top Gear Crew were there to!. What they had to do was, The Stig was to leave London, and by the time he'd got to Knockhill the rest of the crew had to have finished a Caterum Kit car. So it had to be finished for...
  15. Titch

    Heater Problems

    Alright all, Not been on in ages, loads seems to be happening! Anyways. Silver K11 has now got a problem with its heaters. Its not the usual problems of them not working, its just they don't seem very powerful! And also on the hot setting it takes ages to heat up and then when it does, there is...
  16. Titch

    My K11 on E-bay

    Well it didn't take long for someone to notice it.... And before you ask - no it won't be broken for parts. grr If interested - PM me, or MSN. Titch :kungfu: James - move when you get a...
  17. Titch

    D1 GB Round 3

    I just got a semi when i read this: Round three is now at Knockhill!! If anyone is wanting to come up for this i'll deff be there - i can't wait! If coming up from down south, always a place to crash at mine :) Titch :kungfu:
  18. Titch

    New Car!

    Well - the time finally came, and i got another car today :) Had looked about alot for a new one, and also had my heart set on a Golf TDi, but in the end they were working out far to expensive for me at the moment. So today, went out and got a X Reg K11 in Burnt Orange :D 1.0ltr Power House...
  19. Titch


    Cheers Neil, no pics unfortunally, but still a good mention!! Titch :D
  20. Titch

    Drinking/Leaking coolent

    Hi, Well not long back from Donny car show, and that been the longest the car has been driven for in a long time. Now apart from my mate running into the back of me, it was an event free drive down. Or so i thought... We made our first stop about three hours into the jouney, and when we...