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  1. Mika The Finn

    Micra CC door lenght?

    G'day to all! Could owner of Micra CC measure length of door from as shown on picture? Reason why I hope to get this piece of knowledge, is to figure out can I make by filing/sawing/painting/combining 4-door and CC, to get 1/43 model of my SR160 :unsure: ;) -Mika- From these:
  2. Mika The Finn


    NISSAN MICRA K12 SPORT REAR ROOF SPOILER NEW in case here someone is interested ;):unsure:
  3. Mika The Finn

    How to change front foglight bulbs?

    Got front LED bulbs, easy & fast way to change them? :unsure:
  4. Mika The Finn


  5. Mika The Finn

    Nissan Micra K12 Rear BLACK Back lights

    Someone here might be interested => Nissan Micra K12 Rear BLACK Back lights']Nissan Micra K12 Rear BLACK Back lights[/URL]
  6. Mika The Finn

    LED mini blade fuses...

    I came across these, when looking fuses for Harley-Davidson. LED indicates blown fuse, quite handy! And LED's are now days trendy to have in everywhere :D Assortment CAR MINI ATO ATC ATM APM small size blade FUSES LED GLOW WHEN BLOWN Assortment CAR MINI ATO ATC ATM APM small size blade FUSES...
  7. Mika The Finn

    Dash panel/cover...

    G'day from the Land of the Finns! Has anyone removed dash panel in picture? Any tips, hints or pointers not to damage anything? Or anything to take consideration before doing this? In case of emergency passenger airbag malfunction due panels increased strength by tape? I have this brilliant idea...
  8. Mika The Finn

    -06 Micra 160 SR of Mika The Finn

    Some kind of trendy blog of evolution of my Micra vehicle. First time when I saw K12 Micra in 2004, I thought that vehicle is so ugly, that it actually looks nice. I was hunting red one from all over Europe for 2 years, either they were sold before I had chance to react or mileage/condition of...
  9. Mika The Finn

    Black head lights for Micra K12

    F.Y.I for lovers of black vehicle parts ;) Found these from ebay Germany, don't know do they make ones for "wrong" side drive: -Mika-
  10. Mika The Finn

    Cigarette lighter fuse?

    Does anyone knows where is cigarette lighter fuse in -06 160 SR? I managed blow fuse when changing socket so that is has constant 12V directly from battery with fuse, regardless ignition position. Started to bug me when charging of phone is stopped when ignition is turned off :( -Mika-
  11. Mika The Finn

    Trunk (boot) lid struts to hood (bonnet)?

    I had to change rear trunk struts due sound proofing of rear lid to stronger = stiffer ones. Lid gained weight so much that it didn't stay open anymore with stock ones. Parts guy said that originals are rated 320Nm, I replaced them with 500Nm ones. Lid opens now very easily and it's bit heavy to...
  12. Mika The Finn

    Radiator Cap Opening Pressure 0.9/1.1/1.3 Bar On 1.6 Engine?

    G'day from Fin(e)land you all! Does anybody knows opening pressure of radiator cap in Micra's 1.6l engine? These nice little vehicles don't have temp gauge in dash. I came a cross this on ebay when looking for blue radiator cap, "Car Radiator Cap Cover 0.9/1.1/1.3 Bar Pressure With Water...
  13. Mika The Finn

    Nissan Micra K12 Genuine Rear Spoiler on ebay

    F.Y.I if someone is interested:
  14. Mika The Finn

    Firewall hole/opening for cables etc...

    F.Y.I In my -06 is plugged hole/opening in firewall on left side corner, behind shock "tower", (when you are looking inside of vehicle). No necessary need for drilling hole ;) -Mika- And inside pictures.
  15. Mika The Finn

    Keep on Trucking! =0)

    I took Harley to service, no vans available, so I rented trailer. At Harley garage my rig got funny looks...;)
  16. Mika The Finn

    Disc retaining screw

    Does anyone know Renault part number for disc retaining screws?
  17. Mika The Finn

    Moderator please delete!?

    Whole tread can be deleted
  18. Mika The Finn

    Micra K12 fog light diameter?

    G'day Folks! For my future Micra modifications, does any one have diameter measurement of front fog lights? I'm planning to replace them with same size driving lights, when ever I get my Micra. Here in the Land of the Finns, also known as Finland, fog lights are pretty useless. Much more useful...