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    hello Im selling my much loved k10 and lots of extra bits. the car had the engine replaced last year. new engine has covered 80,000 ish miles. car it fitted with kyb gas shocks. lowered by 35mm. has 4-2-1 manifold. webbers (not currenly fitted). tow bar. alloys. mot'd till oct 16th 10 months...
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    Roof rack?

    Ive been looking for a roof rack not had much luck. does anyone know any that fit? and where to get one? ps its for straping my kayak to my car. thx
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    What's wrong with my brakes.

    Ive replaced both rear wheel cylinder, bled the all the brakes. But they down work well at all. The pedel doesn't feel spongy. Have i missed something?
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    how do i adust the idle speed on the k10 carb? thanks in advance. .
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    Compression testing

    Hi. last month i blew my engine up so i got a scrapy engine. Anyway engine runs but it misfires. so i did a compression test got readings on all for between 13.5 - 14 bar. isnt that a bit high?
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    hi. Does any one have a ma12 engine and gearbox for sale. mines burning oil really fast and the gearbox whines like hell. thnx
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    micra k10

    im looking for a k10. i can spend up to £700 depending on condtion. i need the car, as i was driving to work and now the cars a compleat write off.
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    Micra broken into.

    on tuesday night some little f??k tried to steal my girlfriends k10. they bent the drivers side door so now theirs about a 15cm gap. they've broken the plastic round the steering column. and broken the steering lock. So now time to try and fix it. can anyone give me advice on what im gonna...