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  1. JM_K11

    How to remove top hat from front struts?

    Hi, I'm wanting to take apart my shock to get access to the spring alone, however I'm not sure how to remove the single middle bolt which holds the top hat on. Do I need to grip the shock shaft with something and then try to remove it? Thanks!
  2. JM_K11

    Rare taillights?

    Hi, I was looking through Yahoo auctions and found these tail lamps. I've never seen them before so I'm just wondering what they are. OEM?
  3. JM_K11

    Micra wind deflectors

    Hi does anyone have some k11 wind deflectors for a 3 door for sale. I've been looking for some but can't find them anywhere. Thanks!
  4. JM_K11

    Diagram for march tail lights

    Hi, I need some help installing my march tail lamps onto my preface lift Micra. Does any one have a diagram for re pinning the tail lights so that the indicator, tail lights and break light work properly also I've heard wiring the fog light wires into one of the reversing light housings and then...
  5. JM_K11

    Micra dashboard pod?

    Hi I'm, just wondering what this dashboard insert is from. Did they sell them only in Japan? I really like the look of it, has anyone got one for sale? Thanks!
  6. JM_K11

    BMW e21 wheels on micra

    Has anyone got a picture of a Micra on 13" BMW e21 wheels? The cross spoke style ones. Thanks!
  7. JM_K11

    Starlet mid spoiler on Micra?

    Hi does anyone know anything about using a glanza mid spoiler and modifying it to fit a k11?
  8. JM_K11

    K10 rear numberplate lamps

    Hi, looking for a pair of rear k10 numberplate lamps not fussed on colour. Thanks!
  9. JM_K11

    K10 number plate light size?

    Hi, can anyone tell me the dimensions of the k10 rear numberplate lamps?
  10. JM_K11

    Micra standard front grill

    Hi, has anyone got a spare standard k11 front grill. Wanting to make an open mouth grill out of it. Don't mind about colour.
  11. JM_K11

    12" wheels?

    Hi, I've just found some 12" wheels that look really nice. Has anyone fit 12" wheels before? Or do they foul on the break calipers?
  12. JM_K11

    Nissan march tail lamp rear fog lights?

    I've ordered some march cabriolet tail lights and I'm wondering if they have a rear fog light or if I need to install one myself. Thanks!
  13. JM_K11

    Micra mid spoiler found

    I've just found a midspoiler for the March k11 on yahoo auctions I'm just wondering how much money are they worth and if I make replicas who would buy? Thanks!!
  14. JM_K11

    Calcifer The K11 Micra

    Hello everyone welcome to the build of my preface lift Micra k11.
  15. JM_K11

    K11 super s/sr bumper wanted

    Hi, wondering if anyone has a super s/sr bumper, and how much you'd be willing to sell it for? Thanks
  16. JM_K11

    Micra k11 exhaust headers?

    I've heard that polo and 106 headers would fit on a Micra with little modification (welding on a new Micra flange). Wondering if anyone has used the exhaust manifold from a 1000cc bike like a gsxr100 since I have seen plenty cheap ones round the bay. Thanks!
  17. JM_K11

    JDM march numberplate lights

    Im looking to do a march style tailgate but can't find anyone selling the JDM number plate lights anyone know where I can find them? Thanks!