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  1. Jamie Sykes

    FREEE Nissan micra k11 shell FREEE

    Free nissan micra shell no running gear or engine few left over bits inside the shell is rust free and still has mot on it so would make a prefect rally car conversation platform to start on feel free to text me will be gone by this weekend if not claimed on here Free
  2. Jamie Sykes

    Speedo drive help

    My car aboult 5 weeks ago killed it's speedo drive and I was driving home tonight and it killed a second one the first time it went I was starting to break from aboult 60mph and the second time I was doing 75mph overtaking someone and it died again just like the first time is it a common fault...
  3. Jamie Sykes

    Stock backbox nearly new £20 posted

    Was only on the car for less then 200 miles and chaged to ab aftermarket backbox
  4. Jamie Sykes

    For sale newish stock backbox £20

    Stock nissan micra backbox for sale done less them 200 miles before I changed it £20 posted
  5. Jamie Sykes

    1.3 engine swap

    Iv found a cheap core 1.3 engine and I'm so tempted to swap my question is tho what mods can I do to the engine to get more power I'm goner be using my 1l gearbox anything else worth keeping off the 1l to put on the 1.3
  6. Jamie Sykes

    1997 almera gx saloon

    6 mouths tax and 12 mouths mot 1.6 90k on the clock £500 need gone asap
  7. Jamie Sykes

    wheel trims

    7 wheel trims you can make 4 good ones out of them £10 plus postage
  8. Jamie Sykes

    pair of macpherson struts

    selling my front struts fully working got halfway into painting them and gave up and then got lowering springs £20 plus postage
  9. Jamie Sykes

    will the almera n15 power mirrors fit a micra

    i know they may need a little modding but will they fit a micra
  10. Jamie Sykes

    Rear disk brake conversion

    what work is needed to swap a car over from drums to disks
  11. Jamie Sykes

    will i need a panhard rod

    i plan on lowering the car by 35mm will i need a panhard rod
  12. Jamie Sykes

    will this turbo work on a micra

    garrett m24 turbo from a ford mondeo seen a few at my local yard and if there the right price i wanna get one and get it ready for...
  13. Jamie Sykes

    fitting Almera seats

    how hard is it to fit them
  14. Jamie Sykes

    adding rear power windows

    just interested has anyone manged to retro fit power windows to a micras rear windows before and if so how
  15. Jamie Sykes

    sony cdx-gt270mp

    fully working comes with cage £30 ono
  16. Jamie Sykes

    best air filter for a ga16 airbox

    i am about to get a ga16 air box and wanna know whats the best air filter for it piper cross|Plat_Gen%3AN15&hash=item540c4d7203...
  17. Jamie Sykes

    1.3 cams shafts worth it

    i need to do the chain on my engine soon and was wondering if its worth swamping the cams over for 1.3 cams shafts
  18. Jamie Sykes

    what brakes willl fit my car

    i need to replace the front brakes on my car and i was wondering what upgrades could be done to make them better
  19. Jamie Sykes

    what chain do i have

    my engine may need a new chain soon and im just wondring if theres a way you can tell what chain the engine needs without taking it out i have a 1998 1l micra if that helps
  20. Jamie Sykes

    someone please help me clear the air bag light

    my airbag light is flashing atm me and i cant stop it iv tryed the leaving it unpluged for ages 2 days in fact and i even payed someone to try and read the ecu to clear the code but there machine did not read my car any of clues on how to stop the airbag light