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  1. Pantera boy

    Wanted for my n reg micra

    Hey guys so im after as follow Engine mount -all- 1.0 n reg Boss and wheel (good condition) Wrap around spoiler .. Get in touch :)
  2. Pantera boy

    N reg 1996 engine mount

    Hey guys i bought this lil 1 litre with a engine mount prop so anyone got the left front engine mount hanging about .. ? Sick of gear stick hitting me in knee ha
  3. Pantera boy

    My 96 micra

    Well bought another haha Mk1 k11 prefacelift. 1.0 5 speed box Well picked this beast up
  4. Pantera boy

    splitting micra 1.3i t reg facelift silver

    ok before it gets scrapped who needs bits got sr spoiler on wrap around standard spolier aswell rear window and a rear sr door ok interior all parts drive shafts etc good nick lights all good say 300 full car or offers on parts 83000 miles on it bow had black micra rear bumper Sent from my...
  5. Pantera boy

    wtd racro/sport seats

    as cheap as pos guys please im on a budget and its a low one haha
  6. Pantera boy

    Vr6 engine in micra

    Well my mates got a vr6 rear end killed by lorry would it be possible to put the lump in micra no There's some work involved but good idea ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Pantera boy

    Rear bumpers

    Will k11 pre facelift bumper bar and rear bumper for a k11 face lift micra k reg bumper on a t reg facelift .... Thanks :£) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Pantera boy

    Rear bumper k11 bumper bar and tailgate

    Any colour and model k11 just welded the back of her together and straight tend her now need boot door bumper and bumper bar cheap as pos Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Pantera boy

    Destroyed my micra

    well today for some unknown reason mabey no sleep i reversed in to a bollard quite fast and totaly removed the back of my bbe ..well 2 months ive had it as a write off and now ive done her ass in bggered bumper and rear door .. deffoo time for scrap yard :(
  10. Pantera boy

    WTB k11 1.3 full car as cheap as pos

    Just wrote my k11 facelift off gutted reversed in to one of those awful bollards to low to see bent chassis in and bumper any 1.3 k11s out there cheap as pos will collect :( Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Pantera boy

    corsa b coilover and rears help

    ok in 2 weeks i get my coilovers off a mate.. seen how to mod the front but what about the back ?
  12. Pantera boy

    F/S: borbet wheels 15"

    Item: borbet wheels 15" Location: northallerton Condition: used Reason for selling: mates selling inbox me Price: 150 with tyres get in contact
  13. Pantera boy

    help with my k11

    SO were all micra mad .. any one in northeast up for a meeting and giving me an idea and some input in to getting the right stance .. want it low but not scraping its arse ! ?
  14. Pantera boy

    Pantera classy doors!

    well today i sprayed my interior plastics and managed to reasemble a door yes ... me numb handed big lad did a mod with some fake leather from boys 3.76p to be precise and some glue and staples ...= this bang tidy door mod Tbh i know its not to every ones tastes but for a first attempt i think...
  15. Pantera boy

    Panteras first micra

    Hey Guys My names Dean, im 22 from North Yorkshire Well the car: T reg micra 1.3i silver 3 door. I got this car given for some work i did for my dads mate it was is a bad condition it had deffo hit something hard ...bumper was broken wing was rotten bumper bar was bent the headlights were...
  16. Pantera boy

    WTD standard k11 handles and alloys

    Looking for some cheap alloys and some handles for my k11 1.3i and possibly some different door cards cause these are orange yellow an grey ewwww