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  1. evo8_99

    K10 carbs

    Evening, Had a K10 as my first car then got a k14 when it died. Recently bought another K10 and looking to do the job properly this time. Anybody got any twin Weber's with manifold or single Weber's that'll fit on the standard mani with modifications? Wanna see what's about for the K10 first...
  2. evo8_99

    K10 Best Engine Swap Option

    Yo guys, I'm thinking ahead for the future at the minute so bear with me here. Basically my first year of having the car on the road (1985 k10 L) I will be on black box insurance, so for the first year I'm not worried about how rapid it is. But, after that year is up I'll have been waiting...
  3. evo8_99

    K10 carb replacement

    Hi all, Just a quick one on the K10 micra carbs. Does anyone know of any uprated replacement carbs available readily for the 1.0L K10's? Mines pretty ####ed and I just can't find any original ones so thought I'd look into an uprated one. Cheers
  4. evo8_99

    My first Micra

    Here is my 1985 K10 L model 1.0L. Went and looked at it a couple of weeks ago and knew I had to have it. Picked it up on Friday night and fell in love with it. Love this little thing it's an awesome car and I couldn't be more chuffed. Let me know what you think