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  1. richardwbb

    The fuel pressure

    I've put in an Ga16DE and didn't bother about the fuel pump. Now I wonder, is there a difference for Cg13DE and Ga16DE required fuel pressure? Drives good, just doesn't tell me everything.
  2. richardwbb

    A nice picture for the timing marks of the Cg13DE crank pulley?

    I just adjusted a Cg13DE. It was not very easy to find the idle screw but the large flat screw driver fitted nicely. Then the timing. I do own Nissan manuals but for k11, I wish there was a paper version. On the other hand, I think I know the scheme but k11 manual said adjust idle. Put timing...
  3. richardwbb

    k11 only are there obd2?

    Someone told me in 1996 a European car comes obd2 equiped, then I read somewhere, European car support obd2 after 2004 year. Since I like to read engines with Datascan, I would like to learn if someday I will meet someone with a k11 too and find out the connector doesn't fit and I want to avoid...
  4. richardwbb

    Cg13 coil on plug conversion, easy or not so easy to pull off?

    Doe some one run coil on plug on a Cg13 engine? If not, is it possible? I ask this because I since a short time have learned that the most spark energy is being lost at the rotor onto the cap, no matter how new those two parts are it stays significant.
  5. richardwbb

    Parts store in the United Kingdom

    I have trouble finding some parts for my k11 and exhausted The Netherlands and Germany for quite a bit too. What car parts stores with webshop can you recommend to me? Autodoc won't work because it will redirect to overhere.
  6. richardwbb

    brake line rust prevention

    I live in the Netherlands so I'm not aware of regulation around brake lines and MOT but it wouldn't surprise me if it is the same regulation. My car was welded bij someone who also did the MOT and my brake lines came back like this. Looks this allowable to you?
  7. richardwbb

    Richardwbb's 1993 Super S LHD sleeper.

    I do have a topic from the beginning with the engine side motormount modification in Dutch but here goes after setting my brakes, wheels, shocks and alignment straight. Here is the engine. I bought a 350 coins Super S which was steep considering the defects but it was the only Super S at that...
  8. richardwbb

    Door projector light

    I opened an Audi door and the Audi logo showed on the floor. Wondering this would be stock or not, I learned these projectors can come cheap via ebay or ali. But that Audi has stock normal lighting in it's door and of course a k11 hasn't. Here is another example, still that car has it's own...
  9. richardwbb

    How to make old alloys shiny new again along with the plastic cap?

    I have original Nissan rims dating from 1993 and I want to prevent further corrosion by sanding and then put some wheelspray on it but I'm completely lost on the subject. How do I do this better then sanding it a bit and throwing wheelspray at it?
  10. richardwbb

    How to tell if a motormount is gone?

    My k11 shows some engine hopping when driving. I have no clue how to tell motormounts are bad or not. Are there some tips or testing ways I need to learn to help me diagnosing my driveability issue?
  11. richardwbb

    Stock tire size k11 1993?

    What is the stock tire and rim size for a k11 from 1993? I do not have the booklet and internet wasn't much help. Also did tyre size change for later k11's? What tyre size is still a fit under a lowered k11 scrubbing wise and load wise?
  12. richardwbb

    Rev counter Super S?

    My Super S has a rev counter that works usually and then stops working for a while and come back again for the greater part of my driving. I'm not happy without a rev counter and honestly I have no experience with soldering or reworking a rev counter for a k11, I believe those are rare, if not...
  13. richardwbb

    Coilovers for cheap?

    Hey there, my Micra has a totally worn front shockabsorber and after that has been replaced by me I'm pretty sure I would like some more stiffness on the rear. I've heard Corsa B coilovers are suitable after some work but I'm also told it will lower my Micra. I'm pretty sure I would want a...
  14. richardwbb

    How to jump start a car by connecting a wire to the plus side of the battery?

    I'm aware to start an engine the ignition key has to be at 'on' position the least but I never trialed a new starter that refuses to do anything with good masses and a good battery in place. By connecting a emergency wire directly on the starter to that wire that has to be connected to the...
  15. richardwbb

    Getting more light from the tails on a 1992 Micra

    Hi there, I'm in the process of getting my 1992 Micra on the road again and besides my other car is dark, I prefer to drive it at 62 mph where 80 mph is allowed, some people are able to see a difference between a large truck and two Micra rear lights, telling me by dodging my car quite late. I...
  16. richardwbb

    Rear fog light zero volts?

    My 1993 k11 was in need of sanding ground points, replacing the tail light lamp holders and checking out custom wiring which came with when I bought my car. Probably annual inspection does not require to have a working rear fog light since it wasn't mentioned. But I'm planning to use my Micra as...
  17. richardwbb

    K11 CG13DE ecu pinout

    Hi, I'm after the ecu pinout and I googled but didn't find everything I suppose, a lot of dead links. Im putting a GA16DE in to a K11, so I need the pinout, thanks.
  18. richardwbb

    GA16 enine sidemount troubling me

    Hi, I'm in the process of swapping a GA16DE in to a K11. I was told it is a bolt on, which it isn't but it really is the easiest engine swap one can do. I learn a lot of it but my excellent help has a deadline of july 1st. so I am in a hurry, I even have more work on another car that I can't do...
  19. richardwbb

    How should I rust prevent and also get an appealing engine bay?

    Hi, After the bumper, now the engine is removed: Still in good shape after 19 years. Hardly any rust. But now I need to degrease everything and that is step 1, when I go to ''Halfords'' I am afraid when I ask for a good degreaser, the guys go huu? And for real, the city I live in doesn't...
  20. richardwbb

    getting the front bumper off

    Hi, today I started to remove the front bumper of my Micra. I have to because it needs welding down there on the usual place and also to fit in a GA16DE. But I am stuck. I have up to ten bolts that are spun. The tricky ones are 2 for the bumper (or maybe more, then I still have to...