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    Cga3 cr14 difference

    Looking at head gaskets on eBay an saw a headgasket set for sale supposedly for cga3 and cr14 is the head the same?? Sent from my Nexus 6 using Micra Sports Club mobile app
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    Replacing head bolts

    Just got a new engine, might have to take the head off. If I do will I need new head bolts? I know I'll need a new headgasket Sent from my Nexus 6 using Micra Sports Club mobile app
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    The right turbo?

    Hi I've got an opportunity to get a reaaal cheap turbo, a GT 1749 is that OK for a 1.0 Micra and later for a 1.4? Will it need an exhaust wastegate or anything else?
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    Coil bind noise

    I hace matiz struts on front with brand new micra top mounts that click or creak when turning. I was thinking maybe the matiz springs have too much preload with the weight of the micra and the plastic strut bearing cant take it, anyone else had this happen?
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    Stiffer spring for front matiz setup

    Ive got matiz strut on the front but find it very sofy compared to two coils off back and was wondering if there were other spring i could use off a different car maybe that would be stiffer? Has it been done?
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    No indicators!

    My indicators and hazard just stopped working all of a sudden. Whrn i lock the car the lights all come on so the bulbs are fine but nothing from the stalk of hazard button. I checked the fuses under dash and they were fine any ideas??
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    March license plate holder

    Could someone give me some measurements of the march jap plate surround. Im planning on making a fibreglass one thats as similar as posible to the oem one.
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    Mettalic rattling

    I have a metallic rattle noise just toward the front of the gear stick that rattles around 2000 rpm, ive removed the heatsheilds and checked return spring which is fine. Im thinking it could be sound transmitted through the shifter linkage, any ideas??
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    RSS Function

    Does this forum have an RSS function so i can add to my chrome start page?
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    1.0 coilpack 1.3 bottom

    Im wanting to put a 1.3 prefacelift engine block with the 1.0 coilpack head and flywheel. Are there any problems with doing this? Would i have to get a new head gasket?and head bolts? Anything i should do with the engine out?
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    Awesome jap micras

    Check out this jap tuning site theyve got loads of widebodied k11s n k12. check out number 9 7 and 5
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    Remove rear damper

    How can i remove the top nut on the rear damper?? Cant get it loose even with a mole grip on the top of the shaft.
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    Adjustable trailing arms

    Hi, im looking at making some adjustable trailing arms but underneath it looks like there are four? could have sworn the whiteline kit only had two. So what im asking is is it necesarry to adjust all four
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    Engine lifting points

    Where do you hook to lift the engine? Is there any places for eyebolts or do you just wrap the engine?
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    Question about 1.4 conversion.

    Im in the middle of buying a 1.4 cga3 . at the moment i have a coilpack 1.0. Will the clutch from the 1.0 work witb the 1.4? What else would i need to get to do the conversion? Ecu? Thanks in advance!!
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    Strut top mount

    My top mount is knocking and I was considering replacing it when I came across this. Would this work or do I need other parts or is it easier to buy the full top. I can't buy the top from Scrapyard's here :(
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    15" alloys rims rubbing

    Just got 15 inch alloys with 195/55 rear and 185/55 front. The rear is rubbing on the bumper and it looks like the axle is too far back. Is that posible? Can it be adjusted??
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    Corsa b rear dampers question!!

    I have two coils cut and i want to put the corsa b dampers on the back. If i do will the dampers be any lower than the original dampers? Or will it only depend on the spring? Had the matiz fronts from ebay but the seller sent me a lethal pair check photo lucky i spotted that because i was...
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    Remove handbrake handle

    Anyone know how I can remove the plastic handbrake handle? Have a momo one I want to fit
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    Rough idle

    Hi. I've got a 2002 facelift and when the engines warm the whole car vibrates on idle you can see the steering wheel vibrating. It idles at 640 rpm according to torque on my phone. Any ideas why??