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    WTD: CG10DE Engine

    Managed to sort one picking up today :)
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    WTD: CG10DE Engine

    Hi gang! The engine is pretty knackered now so am looking for a replacement CG10DE ASAP in the south west, cheaper the better but running condition obviously betterer! Let me know if you have any!
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    Few clips of Frank's k11 from today

    Couple of clips I ripped off the camera, at the retrorides gathering earlier today
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    WTD: CG10DE Engine

    Hi everyone, A friend of mine's 1998 K11 has a knackered engine and she's asked me to source a replacement. Does anyone have a working one spare in the south west for cheap/beer :grinning: ? Would very much appreciate any help!
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    Forum issue

    I know this seems petty, but in the for sale section, there shouldn't be an apostrophe in 'micras'. E.G. 'K11 micra's for sale' should be 'K11 micras for sale'. It is a plural, so no apostrophe. Been bugging me for ages! :)
  6. C 20mph Zones Cut Injuries By 40 Per Cent

    Interesting figures given without evidence of a direct correlation between the reduction of speed limit and the deaths, especially given many other things, like improvements in education, green cross code etc, through to impact zones and ABS on vehicles, and even the reduction in drunk drivers...
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    Micra Mamp's Micra =]

    I really like this. Nice subtle mods and it looks very tidy. Nice work.
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    Dixie horn on my MICRA!

    Wow you've fitted the gayest mod known to man.
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    My blog

    Awesome! You had the SR20 100NX didnt you? Is this the same engine? How come you didnt just just a standard almera GTi rad? That one is huge! Looks a bit exposed behind the bumper too. Looks awesome, cant wait to see it finished.
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    L reg red k11 (L) 1litre

    Is it fitted with the standard black bumpers mate?
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    jims sexy new motor

    Jim your car looks so nice! Keep the orange IMO its much better than deglobed indicators.
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    Buying a fast jap car..

    GTOs are ergh, but the rest are nice. Have you thought about something like a fast audi?
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    Anyone with photoshop abilities??

    Haha I sprayed the bonnet on my first micra black (The car was red) and continued to regret it until I got a new one. It doesnt look like carbon fibre, it makes you stand out in the worst way possible, and it just looks like you've crashed and had unpainted replacement panels. If you want CF...
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    WANTED: Really cheap car

    Need a car for a film shoot with at least a months tax and test and a runner for around £150. MoT failure preferable as we are going to really mess it up. Anything up to 2 litre considered but not really fussed. Willing to travel but midlands preferred. What have you got? :)
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    I guess this is goodbye

    Get yourself on AOC, boy! Its your new home now! :P
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    SamSam's K11 Super S

    Good work! The deep dish looks about right sam, although it really needs to be lower! Looks like you're doing well on the arches although I would have left them screwed on, really like the look of the white with the screws and the black spoiler! Have you got any spacers ont he wheels at the moment?
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    Makrakin's K10 Blog :D

    Hmm wierd, it did it all the time for me at 30mph too! :( I'm glad you sorted all the problems out when you had it though!
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    Makrakin's K10 Blog :D

    Does it still scrape on the tyres every time you go round a corner?
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    Makrakin's K10 Blog :D

    I used to own that car! For about a month. In fact that first pic is outside my old house in stafford. IIRC it already has KYB shocks on it (Or so I was told), we called it 'Gary J' or 'Ugly Gary' because of the numberplate. It was a nail.
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    Pulsar'd k10 already done ?!

    Cant buy tax without insurance, and with more of the plate reading cameras coming you wouldnt be able to move without tax.