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    What aftermarket exhaust have you got?

    part 1, just seeing what other people have fitted. mine is a blitz nur spec. its rather loud.. bit too loud for my likings.. part 2, anyone wanna swap? :D
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    Delete rear wiper: glass bung

    Anyone removed their rear wiper? thinking about this to make the rear smoother but not measured the diameter of glass bung i require. anyone any ideas or do i have to dismantle and measure? thanks in advance :) if anyone done this can they post pic too pls.
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    Where is the horn located?

    Want to replace the oem horn (bit too cutsie for my likings). Where is the horn located? think to replace with something like these:
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    WANTED: K12 factory optional body parts

    Looking for front lip, side skirt and rear bumper skirt. Ideally in the gunmatal grey colour. Let me know what you got thanks :cool:
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    what size wheels?

    currently have 15" on and lowered to the max on coilovers but still not filled up the arches. whats size wheels do you run? (along with width and offset please) Pics please :) Much appreciated!
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    4.5" exhaust tip in a k12?

    opinions really please. most aftermarket exhaust tips are about 9.5cm.. would a 11cm tip look too big? what size is yours?
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    K12 Interchangable parts?

    Hi all, sorry if this is a noob question or one answered already but are there any interchangable parts for the k12 with say k11, clio (which clio?) mainly looking at exhaust and coilovers for now. thanks in advance :)
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    Hello, Project K12.

    Just thought i'd say hi, be rude not to. Even ruder not to add pic so heres a pic. Its a 1.4 SX, keyless entry, leather heated seats, no sunroof, climate control etc enough of the boring stuff. Have changed the wheels 15" x6j et38 (fits quite nice) and installed a simple Pioneer headunit...