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    nathgun needs MORE HELP!! =[

    right so i changed my distributor and the car now runs happy days ! but the distributor is of a 1.3 auto k 11 there part number are diffrent and the car runs realy flat no where as lively as it was before ive played with the timeing put a new dizzy cap and rotor arm on stil the same :( any done...
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    1.0l problem need any ADVICE please!!

    tried all that nothing =/ took aprat the dizzy etc.. to find the plug conector has been glued on at some point :( and some very dogy wireing has been done to the loom
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    1.0l problem need any ADVICE please!!

    realy od place brillant cheers il go have a play and hope it starts :wasntme:
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    1.0l problem need any ADVICE please!!

    where is the ecu loctaed ? if not i wil have to wait til monday to try another dizzy cheers frank and antony for help (Y)
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    1.0l problem need any ADVICE please!!

    yeah the dizzy and rotor arm is turning fine frank is there a fuel cut of swtich or anything that might cut out the spark ??
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    1.0l problem need any ADVICE please!!

    i dont have a immobiliser luckly umm yes the fuel pump it working theres no spark i got a live going to the coil but no pulse
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    Is it possible :P

    BARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRM that is what it would sound like feccckin screaming! :blues:
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    1.0l problem need any ADVICE please!!

    so i went to my friends house today for 2 seconds went to start the car and nothing just turn over further looking into it i had no spark the car has ran fine never miss fired on me ! has any one had this problem or common faul i belived to it being a crank sensor?
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    nathguns 1.0L low...:D

    done the side stripes finaly :) picky
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    mcgregornw's 1.0 Twister

    i will do tonite there not the best condioton and one of them could do with respraying!
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    Project Turtle the Turquoise Miicra!

    keep it up dude inspiering thred!!!
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    stricter mot,s

    nahh.... if they did this id move ive herd hid kit one for years i dout it will happen....also hope so or there will be alot of non moted cars on the road this country is getting stupied .!!! cant do anything anymore :( they put are fuel prices up they cant take moding away !!
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    mcgregornw's 1.0 Twister

    doing good mate selling my wheels after this weekend if ur intrested im abit far but i can post for 20quid! have alook in my blog i want 50 quid for um with decent tyers
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    nathguns 1.0L low...:D

    update:: so today i put new floor matts new sun viser with a mirror a new unbent arieal :) a airfilter wich is rather big but wil do for now as for the reg check on the skyline i did one it come back as it is logbooked and all good got a guy buying it saterday made a good bit of profit so the...
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    K11 - Lots of stuff & 1.0L breaking (Collection Only)

    what are the seats out of ?
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    The cons of a lightened fly wheel

    wow.. never seen that happen before that crx is crazy!!
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    Engine noise

    like karlj said get a video and post it :)
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    Engine noise

    is it a deep noise..... sounds silly did u change the oil in it etc.. sounds like big end might have gone mayb ?
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    Quick spring cut question

    yeah it goes realy bouncey and i live deep in the country side and find its far to bouncy some times when breaking it bounces and starts to lock up when that happend i decied its time to change them