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  1. SuperUno

    Which jack

    When I was doing long distance endurance rallies we got a wheel change down to under three minuets from start to finish with a standard cross type wheel brace and scissor jack. Could have been quicker with more practice. Have done it in well under 5 mins on my own on the hard shoulder of a...
  2. SuperUno

    what did you do to your micra today ?

    That Spanish MOT is very much like the USA one which I did a few years back. Though the US one did very little checks.....
  3. SuperUno

    which plugs are which?

    They always start from cambelt/chain end first, so No. 1 is drivers side and then work across.
  4. SuperUno

    removal of rear wheel bearing hub?

    Oh and use your impact gun, have used them countless times on front and rear hubs with no issue. Just use a proper socket.
  5. SuperUno

    removal of rear wheel bearing hub?

    Once the nut is undone, they normally just pull off easily by hand.
  6. SuperUno

    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    Looking good there, remind me did you convert your track rod ends to spherical bearings? If so how did you work out which ones you needed? I tried looking through the blog but couldn't find that part.
  7. SuperUno

    How to remove top hat from front struts?

    Whizz it off with the rattle gun, 19mm nut IIRC. Just do it with it pointing away from you, shouldn't be under that much tension.
  8. SuperUno

    Injectors for GSX600R Throttle Bodies

    Yes that is what i mean by a safe map, I guess then you plan to drive it to them to do a 'proper' mapping session on the rollers? Can't answer your second question as I don't know much about the coil pack ECU's, but I imagine they can.
  9. SuperUno

    Injectors for GSX600R Throttle Bodies

    Yes you just need to match up the wiring diagrams (Micra to GSXR). I would still not run without a safe map, as these ITBs are likely (you hope!) to flow a lot more air, which will mean it will be running very lean, which if driven far could ruin the engine.
  10. SuperUno

    Injectors for GSX600R Throttle Bodies

    Wiring unlikely to be the same, but should be easy enough to convert if the GSXR injectors have connectors on them (or you get some). I wouldn't run the car without some sort of safe map, also unless you are planning of put the MAF somewhere in the airbox (? is this your plan) then it will...
  11. SuperUno

    Audew Air Horn - fuse keeps blowing!

    K11 horns are already wired through a relay, on my rally car I just took the live feed from the OEM horn and attached it to the positive on the compressor, added an earth and it works a treat.
  12. SuperUno

    Quaife Diff may be available for micra gearbox soon...

    You could try something like this, you would need to know diff pin dimensions and find a similar diff as I doubt they sell a kit for the Micra.
  13. SuperUno

    Engine flush?

    The rally cars get flushed with cheap new oil till it runs clean out of the sump, usually between 0.5-1ltr of oil each time. Helps clean things out
  14. SuperUno

    5w-40 oil ok?

    Been using fully synth 5w-40 for years now in the Micra rally car and it's fine.
  15. SuperUno

    Best base for road rally/targa

    Not much to choose between them all and PAS can be retro fitted. Fastest enough to win outright yesterday...
  16. SuperUno

    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    Where do you run your 3D printer? The fumes from those are not good....
  17. SuperUno

    SuperS Forged Turbo Build

    Flocked dash is the way forward....
  18. SuperUno

    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    The joys of owning a Micra, I was doing the usual pre event car spanner checks when I found yet more rust in one of the rear wheel arches on Saturday, meaning a couple of hours of metal work and welding.... :(
  19. SuperUno

    K11 driveshafts and LSD

    Yes it does, as for the best diff I prefer the quaife/suretrac Torsen type ones which are fit and forget (in terms of maintenance) and less harsh to drive with and less harsh on shafts / CV joints. If doing a lot of gravel then plated will be better but at cost of maintenance and shafts / CV's.
  20. SuperUno

    Custom Inlet Manifold

    This has just appeared on ebay....