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  1. Sploshua

    Wendy the white Micra

    so here she is my new micra after the tragic death of noddy ( RIP getting crushed friday ;( ) anyways onto what ive done in the last 3 weeks of ownership, ima skip the boring part and just show pictures of its progress with minor explanations of whats going on cuz i know you all like pictures...
  2. Sploshua

    Nissan sway render (2016 mica)

    So some people seem to think the nissan sway concept is ugly i kinda like it with a few mods [emoji14] Render by me Your friendly local mechanic in training -Sploshua
  3. Sploshua

    k11krew stickers

    i was thinking about getting these cut out in white vinyl would anyone want one, if so i could get a bunch done at the same time for a discount which benefits everyone :L the would be white vinyl about 4" long i presume would be a good lenght :) hmu if you want one and ill see how many do...
  4. Sploshua

    K11: Ballin on a budget!

    Hello all, as some of you may know i've been wanting to buy a k11 micra for a while now. I finally got the chance to buy one, but was out of money. My parents have lent me enough money to buy it, so untill i have paid back my loan i will not be doing anything drastic :P #Broke well here she is...
  5. Sploshua

    Looking for owners of Micra's in east yorkshire

    I've seen some tuned ones around so I'm guessing they must be on here there's a white one I've been seeing a lot of lately it has a wrap around spoiler lowered all white and pretty ####ing loud, if you own this car and live in east Yorkshire don't be shy I won't bite would be nice to have...