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  1. Littlewood

    K12 double din h/u

    Folks, I'm looking to fit a double din unit to the K12 - however cannot find any fascia plates or harness cages for double din units for the K12! I guess some of you will have done this - where did you find the goods? Cheers Dan.
  2. Littlewood

    Old MSC'er looking for a K10

    Guys, Used to be on the forum with a silver K10 yonks ago - probably no one remembers it! Maybe Kev, Joe or 'DragonMaster' if you guys are still around! Anyway, I want a K10 again. So if there's any knocking about, let me know! Dan.
  3. Littlewood

    Ashfield Rugby Club Car Show & Fun Day! Run by my rugby club, there's prizes and what not for the cars. Not an all out car show, but I've got quite a few clubs interested so should be good :D.
  4. Littlewood

    The hazards of bumping an Audi A4.

    How the T Sport looks at the minute! Badtimes.
  5. Littlewood

    K10 5sp selector to garbox mounting brackets/plates.

    The metelastic mounting plate/bracket/things have perished and the only place I can get them is dealer as no scrappies around me have K10's in at the moment! Can anyone help - I'll get a picture after work if needs be. Cheers.
  6. Littlewood

    Littlewood's K10.

    Most of you know it - for those who don't; Tbh I'm gauging interest as at the moment i don't know what to do with it. Gearbox is knackered. I can break it, I can sell it to someone who would put a new box in, I could put a...
  7. Littlewood

    New car!

    The time has come - what with working ll over the place etc. I've decided to get myself something a little more reliable/image friendly than the KayTen. The KayTen IS staying for the time being - gonna hopefully garage it and work on all the duff bits and make her a minter again :). But...
  8. Littlewood

    Wheel Polishing.

    Just bought a set of banged up old Slot Mags and wanted to polish them up to this standard; Does anybody have any recommended methods, products etc? Cheers.
  9. Littlewood

    Wiring of stereo/blowers.

    Does anyone have a diagram / photo of or can have a look at the wiring for their stereo and blowermatrix in K10 and let me knowhow it works because I disconnected it all to spray dash and can't get the blowers working again! Thanks .
  10. Littlewood

    Brakes are giving me a serious headache.

    OK so a few weeks ago my FRONT brakes began binding - the pads were low so I changed them, I also greased the pistons on the calipers and cleaned any brake dust that may of been hindering the pistons from back properly. They were great for a week or so, now my back brakes have started binding...
  11. Littlewood

    Patriotic Micra.
  12. Littlewood

    eBay issue.

    So I sold something on eBay, brand new and in pristine condition. Now the buyer has opened a case against me saying it doesn't match the listing, its broken, second hand etc - wanting a refund. I feel he's doing this because he's broken it, doesn't want it anymore or something. I've stated...
  13. Littlewood

    Lowering spring ID

    Which ones are front, which are back? I would think the smaller ones for back but one end is too big to fit in the bottom of the strut or the top of arch :S
  14. Littlewood

    Super S FS.
  15. Littlewood

    Handbrake stiffening.

    The little wheel that you turn to stiffen the handbrake - can it be turned the opposite way to loosen? As I've tightened to much and have slight binding.
  16. Littlewood

    Knocking when accelerating or braking?

    The knocking noise which to be honest I cant define to any specific location occurs when I accelerate slowly up to 15mph and under braking one at around 15mph or less. Any ideas?
  17. Littlewood

    Removing hub.

    I'm down to this.. The thing still won't come off! What am I missing?
  18. Littlewood

    I want a free king t-shirt!

    Watch the ad - needs 50 people! :D
  19. Littlewood

    2 x 'JDM' Bolt on arches.

    I've never fitted them. There's a TINY crack in the under lip of one of them - Just needs a dab of filler in!
  20. Littlewood

    -20mm springs for K10.

    Do they exsist, as 35mm is more than I want?