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  1. Chogy

    WTD: Front fog light stalk

    As the title says, front fog light stalk with the wiring if possible, Cheers,
  2. Chogy

    Chogy's bogey (daily) slx

    Damm it feels good to have a car again. So the other day I finally got my car insurance paid, lets just say it was expensive. Spec sheet: Nissan micra slx 1.3, more door, ABS model with rear disc axle, Power steering/windows, Boot/petrol flap release, Sunroof, Rear split seats with...
  3. Chogy

    Nissan micra slx 1.3 for sale.

    FOR SALE MICRA SLX Price £500 ono. 1.3, ABS, central locking, 5 door, 14' alloys, black. Black wrap around spoiler, Sunroof, Electric windows, Jap can exhaust, nice sound to it, Rev counter clocks, Tweeter pillars, Fly eye rear lights and indicators, Just had a gearbox put on, (quiet), Nice...
  4. Chogy

    Gearbox help please

    I'm after a prefacelift box with a speedo cable drive, to fit a 1.3 engine, I'm just wondering if the 1L box fits with no mods and am I right in thinking the neutral switch needs something doing to it?
  5. Chogy

    1.6 engine, box loom etc

    Looking to sell my 1.6 engine box loom etc, I was going to put it in my smooth project but I thought I'd put it up for sale first, Looking for £175 ono Located in the north east of England, DL16 area
  6. Chogy

    Roll cage/show cage

    Preferably a show cage, cheaper the better will travel for one too.
  7. Chogy


    So a mate of mine who use to be on here has started hydrodiping, Anyone interested in getting some done? Prices vary for what you would want.
  8. Chogy

    Almera gti, (engine conversion?)

    I had this almera for a while now and I'm never getting round to taking the engine out for my project, so it's going up for sale. Or I could sell everything for the conversion. Offers really but I do have a price in mind. Located in the north east near Durham.
  9. Chogy

    Unfinished project, Smooth

    So I'm never going to finish my smooth project, and have decided to sell up, I'll still have my daily micra tho ;-) Exterior: Smooth doors, roof,boot, custom rear sr bumper, complete front sr bumper, Prefacelift lights, Interior: black dash, rev counter speedo, short shift, alloy gear...
  10. Chogy

    Pod dash wanted

    I've looked and missed a few in the past and I'm now ready to pay for one at a reasonable and fair price, Anyone got one :-)
  11. Chogy

    Mods for under £50

    Anyone got any pics of their cheap mods, anything from bolt on or clever ideas?
  12. Chogy

    WTD: 1L K11 coilpack engine

    For a friend of mine who needs his headgasket sorting, easier to just swap the engine out. I'm located in County Durham.
  13. Chogy

    WTD k11

    North east area anything considered tax and mot is a bonus
  14. Chogy

    WTD k11 drivers door

    Looking for this colour, Preferably delivered to Dl16 area
  15. Chogy

    Gauging interest NIsmo style arches. Extras?

    I have recently bought some Nismo arches with the intention of making some moulds as well as use them on my project. Just having a quick ask to see who's interested, and if there's anything else that people would want replicating out of fibreglass for weight shedding. Arches below
  16. Chogy

    All k11/k10 micras in the north east

    If anyone is wanting a quick sale or hasn't the time or space to strip their car, give me a pm please Thanks, Chris
  17. Chogy

    Custom Headliners, Custom Door cards?

    I was thinking of making a few more headliners for the k11, Anyone want either a headliner or set off door cards covering ? JonnyZombie's thread with the headliner and door cards, done by me ^
  18. Chogy

    14" ALLOYs

    Just wanting something else on my micra, Show me what you've got :)
  19. Chogy

    JDM dash pod / TV screen

    Anyone ever made one ?
  20. Chogy

    Swap for my Rear lights

    Currently i have these Anyone got anything they want to swap ?