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  1. Shero

    k11 super S interior bits

    Alright guys, been cleaning out the loft and i found the inside of my old super s. lol So if anyone is needing bits keep an eye on my For sale thread and ill post it all up there in a few hours just thought...
  2. Shero

    Big list of usefull things to help fix common car problems!

    from jdmtas all different things down the left hand side, might come in handy for some people.
  3. Shero

    scotland boys cg13 gearbox £20

    if anyone wants this just cum pick it up, if not its gettin binned, shame, it came off my super s its only done 43000 miles, good nic and i cleaned out the inside a fair bit when i was changing my clutch. So its here if anyone will pick it up. im in kilsyth btw! :D
  4. Shero

    245 bhp super s

    Its in this months japanese performance mag if anyone hasnt seen it, Had a quick look through it, some build!! Wee white super s with lots of trick bit put together, ive never seen the car before but loks nice.
  5. Shero

    scene media
  6. Shero

    my helix 3 paddle clutch ebay again

    Forgot this was under ma bed haaa anyway, its up again if any one wants it.
  7. Shero

    Almera gti F/S SR20

    phase2 almera gti 2 litre 1998cc Manual. Time for a change, in the shape of a mx5, want some rwd fun. >sr20 >115000 miles >pipercross induction kit >16" ROTA slips >HID's > nissan anti theft immobiliser everything below has been done by me 6 weeks ago with all new parts when I had it off...
  8. Shero

    helix group N rally clutch on ebay.
  9. Shero

    turbo porn pictures

    pictures of turbod k11's and parts ive had incase anyone hasnt seen them or needs them for ideas for manifolds ect. if theres pics of anyones they dont want up just let me know
  10. Shero

    cool k11 parts for sale

    So i lots alot of mails from the last post sorry to anyone i might have ignored. so ive made a new one and emptied my mail box so just pm about anything. cg13 gearbox £30 helix group n rally clutch kit pressure plate / release bearing & paddle plate £180 + £9.58 posting cg series...
  11. Shero

    AMAZING art on skyline

    this guys chicks got skills!!! i was going to do my bonnet like that before i got the almera, its black but i think a white paint pen might get bought...anyway !! :D
  12. Shero

    1.0 shape FOR SALE £500

    1.0 shape FOR SALE My old red micra going up as my girlfriend just got a new car.
  13. Shero

    k11 white super s go fast parts

    SS FS- breaking- * go fast parts* *** mods please delete this thread ***
  14. Shero

    Insurance help.

    21 3 years no claims 1.3 k11 garaged blah blah So my renewal came through today £504?!?! , went up £200 since last year :glare: so phoned up and got it back to £330, the problem is I was with bell this year and when I took my policy out I took the "drive other car 3rd party" option was only an...
  15. Shero

    need wishbone bolts

    Any one know where I can get new ones? i managed to find a good facelift in the scrappy and got 2 for my white one but the red one needs a new wishbone and I went up to try and get another one but there all "stuck" on that rubber bush thing. So the 19mm bolt that goes through the pivit...
  16. Shero

    need help what have I done ?

    so THOt i had everything ready for a test drive today but... my clutch is still goosed. its the helix group N clutch plate, presseure plate and relese bearing from matt. as far as im aware i have done everything rite but clearly not. when i go to press the clutch peadle its not pulling...
  17. Shero

    gearbox oil..?

    just wodering how much we put in? i know the crx has got a overflow hole so when it come out that it filled. but i cant see anything on the micra. so how much do i put in. cheers folks! :D
  18. Shero

    injecter seals / rings ??

    where can i get replacement seals for the injecters. and.. do i really need them or is it just "good practise". i will get them its just i want to stick the 1.6 injecters in. sooo, are they crucial and where can i get new rings? Cheers team.:laugh:
  19. Shero

    refurbin coilies??

    so, my d2's are lookin a bit ruff, ive never taken coilies apart and the ball joint on the top is ew to me so does anyone know how to get it off?? im just going to buff the springs down and re spray them and ceck the piston's ok ectect, but does it just pop off. And any other tips you mite...
  20. Shero

    £1500 for k10?

    This guy well thinks hes got a superturbo eh? ??