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    drilled front discs

    I think if you had said you wanted a brake upgrade for a track day racer then it would be different. I'd be looking at proper 4 pot or 6 pot calipers with proper bells and discs for track day use.
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    drilled front discs

    If braking from 150mph in traffic is a problem, then I think there are bigger issues going on.
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    brake line rust prevention

    It needs to be every year, many use the MOT as their only check up of the car. Every three years would be far more dangerous.
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    brake line rust prevention

    It's usually at the ends that they go first, and it'll be hard to seal them where the nut is. Pretty sure you get a warning at the MOT now if there's something covering the brake lines that may hide a problem.
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    drilled front discs

    Drilling isn't about airflow. Simple physics more mass can absorb more energy (heat). Drilling removes mass therefore they must get hotter for the same braking force. Historically the holes were there to stop gas build up that was release from racing pads. Without the holes then the pads would...
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    brake line rust prevention

    You can if you want, I've found that factory steel pipes will rust eventually.
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    brake line rust prevention

    Change them for copper or cunifer (copper nickel alloy) pipes.
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    drilled front discs

    Drilled wont help, only for looks with some real downsides. Heat up faster and prone to cracking near the drill holes.
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    engine temperature lights

    Should the petrol also have a cold light?
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    How can i make my micra more fuel efficient, can weight reduction help?

    If the car is well service, then your right foot is the best way to maximise economy. Braking is a complete waste of fuel, though it can be necessary. Driving faster take exponentially more power.
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    I messed up my 1 week car. Please help. K11 1.4 SRI

    Chop and weld is the only real option
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    CD to satnav swap

    Agreed very easy, depending on what you have not it oculd be extremely simple. I done the CD with bluetooth and it just swaps over, an extra cable for the mic (cheap from nissan!), extra GPS antenna, and if you want another cable for the USB socket.
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    K11 Starting Issues - Ideas Appreciated!

    Have you checked the plugs are sparking?
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    K14 0.9ig-t servicing

    All the 1.5 diesel engines in Nissans are straight from the renault factory, all with renault on the filters even when bought from Nissan parts counter!!
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    How to change my automatic shifter?!?!

    Haynes has a diagram of how it all comes apart. Do you have a Haynes manual, page 7B.3 if you do.
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    K12 LED dashboard lights

    Why ask "how?" if you have no intention of doing it?
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    First Micra and heads battered.

    £15 for 5l of oil is cheap, far from overkill.
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    K12 LED dashboard lights

    Unclip the PCB and turn it over for a start, then see what lights/leds are fitted.
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    K12 LED dashboard lights

    Why not just change the LEDs yourself?