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    K10 handsfree mic??

    Hello people's As k10's don't have 'A' pillar covers just wondering what people have done with handsfree mic cables?? Taa
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    some upgrades - k10

    so finally got round to putting some 5inch jbl coaxials into the doors! and managed to decode me a nissan cd player, notsure what car it came from
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    motorway driving on a 4 speed 1l ???

    Howdy peoples so my k10 can do 70 but can it handle a couple hundred miles of motorway ??? anyone done some serious mileage in a 4 speed 1l ???
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    handling upgrade

    Hello Hello so loving my k10 but its very wobbling in the corners what stuff have people done to improve handling? I'm thinking 35mm springs would be good start
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    radio code calculator?

    Howdy anyone got the radio code calculator software?
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    new to nissans

    Hello peoples I should be collecting my first nissan micra k10/k11 (notsure what it is yet) tomorrow is there a nissan meet in the northwest area?