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    Thought i'd drop by and introduce myself since it's been a while. Hows the group going? I see the K12 scene is still waiting to take off.....My old one is still knocking about if anyone is interested.
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    Keeping the Legend Alive....
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    the k12 scene negative post

    when i left the MSC back in 2006 the K12 scene was growing. We had some nice cars. BMX_Bandit, Rik was still around....sorry i cant remember the rest! Anyway back then we we're at the forefront of K12 tuning. we we're dedicated to it. we used our brains to search for the weird and wonderful JDM...
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    Nismo brake pads for K12

    Ok i've had no response from the admin about this but i'm going to post it even if i'm not allowed.
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    K12 Nismo Goodness

    i've still got them even though i sold the k12 3 year ago... brand new Nismo pads never fitted, Nismo oil cap and the Hyper Revs v2 March book. it's just filth!
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    SToc Meet

    For those that don't know i have a fiesta ST150...anyway here's some pictures i took at the NE meet today
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    2009 Nissan March / 2010 Micra

    Photochops - However i can confirm the S16 Silvia will look like that.... The current rumours for the march are the super turbo is returning with 140BHP...however i do have info which might interest some of you and its pretty much 100% accurate. Nissan are in the final stages of testing the...
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    X02A - Or should we say K13?

    What can i say apart from X02A is the internal code for the next Micra/March.... edit: converted to a link image too large!
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    Bonjour, It's been a while since i last posted. To quickly sum up how i feel about the K12 section at the minute....disapointed. Where's the crazy k12's we used to dream of? Don't make me buy another k12 to show you how it's done! mmm white...mmmm
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    Headlight Conversion

    Check the headlights out on the RX7
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    Sport SR and the rest...

    3 Pics of the SR, The ST and the erm swift sport lol It's going to be a fun weekend for me hehe
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    K12....the good times

    We'll this week marks 1 year on from selling my k12. After watching the below link again for the first time in nearly a year im actually gutted that i sold it now. There was so much i wanted to do on it and for some reason i just gave up and bought a new car. Anyway for all the "noobs" on here...
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    k12 facelift

    Theres a newfacelift due next month from what i've heard. They are moving the indicators into the lights to match up with the JDM version and new bumpers are being added. Not sure if the new facelift is in production yet or if they start production next month...i'll find out but if anyone is...
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    K12 launched in Oz

    For some reason the K12 has just been launched in Austraila. It's a March rebadged with the Micra name. Just seems a bit strange so late in it's life?? They've also just launched the dualis(Quashqui) there as well. All of them are made in sunderland which is a good sign for NMUK...
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    Anyone played EvE?

    Has anyone played Eve ( I've been playing for a good few months now and once you've done a few skills and your decent the game is awesome. I would highly recommend the game to anyone that likes MMO games. search you tube for videos as well theres some good ones.
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    Fast VW?
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    Nismo Backbox for K12

    Nismo Backbox For K12 - £260 collection only. I will deliver if you live local though or meet half way as i dont want to post this baby because it cost me a fortune and well it comes in a big nismo box and preying eyes might just take it. The exhaust was only used for less than 2000miles...
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    What did i buy when i sold my k12?

    Well i bought something which i never thought i would like and enjoy so much. After testing the RX8, Civic Type R, Focus ST, BMW 3 Series and Golf GTioh and the new clio sport. I decieded on this.
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    got a question. my gf's ford Ka is due some oil. There's no hand book and i cant get signed up to the ford Kack owners club for some reason. So does anyone know if there's a website or something which will tell me what type of oil it needs or do you even know?? its a 2001 model. 1300cc....
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    Nismo_K12 - The history of my micra

    ....This is my life.... my first in counter with the K12 wasnt good. My dad brought home a pre production version whilst the K11 was still on sale. I had recently just passed my test and was driving around in my mams 1.4se+. Any way he brought it home. It was grey and the first thing i point...