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    custom steel wheels

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    custom steel wheels

    Where are you from?
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    Is this lowered at all?
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    Off a Micra though?
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    Old post but what wheels are on this?
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    1990 Nissan Micra 1.2 GS

    Hit this mileage earlier on today.
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    new k11 micra owner Scotland

    Good to see another Scottish member. I'm from Ayrshire.
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    1990 Nissan Micra 1.2 GS

    Had some work done on the paintwork. Some before and after pictures. Sill had been welded for MOT back in 2015 but hadn't been painted. Also rust on the door. Can't really see the difference but on the top of the door and above the paint and lacquer was peeling. Dent on the O/S Arch...
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    1990 Nissan Micra 1.2 GS

    Washed and polished the car.
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    Super S Turbo 1.2

    How easy is it to turbo the MA12?
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    K10 Micra Handbook

    Wanted K10 Micra Handbook. As long as it includes 1990 1.2 GS.
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    1990 Nissan Micra 1.2 GS

    Bought this yesterday. 1990 Nissan Micra 1.2 GS with 43k on clock.
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    Buying guide

    Had a Micra a few years back. Considering another one again. Loved mine. Any things to look out for when buying one? Are a lot of them rusting now?
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    Super-S or SR

    As title says looking for a Super-S or SR. Searched ebay and Gumtree but nothing.
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    K12 Micra 1.5 dci

    Looking at the Micra 1.5 dci (08 reg roughly) What is the reliability like on these? Been looking at similar diesels which don't get a great reputation.
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    Lexus IS200 Sportcross

    Hi, not posted on the forum for a while. Previously owned the Micra below. Changed the car recently got a Lexus IS200 Sportcross.
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    What wheels you got on your white one?
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    Tuning Options

    What are the K11 tuning options? Regarding engine swaps. Is it a hard process to register everything? How much does it cost to turbo something?
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    Nissan keyring

    Got a picture?
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    Nissan keyring

    Anybody got an spare Nissan keyrings about?