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    Breaking black micra

    You have to be an official member to sell on the MSC
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    Cant open a new thread in buy and sell

    i have been away for a while and now for some reason i cant open a new thread in the buy and sell section, is there reason for this? thanks Grant
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    A little video i found

    Was having alittle search on the net and found this video. i find it funny cos the pure persistance of the guy, and why woud ya do it. lol
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    BANNED! Nissan advert

    i just found this on my travels. scroll down the video is there.
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    How much BHP can it take?

    ok been looking at maybe getting a few mods for me engine, so it goes as good as it looks lol, but how much can the rest of the car take? say like if i got a 1.3 or even a 1.0 engine to put into my car which had been modded up and had like 50 60 BHP more than standard would the rest for the...
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    after some new mirrors

    i was looking at the standard mirrors and was thinking that the standard and to help change the look of my car new mirrors would help. so does anyone know where i can get aftermarket ones that look nice my car is black so was thinking maybe carbon ones or something like that? thanks Grant
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    K11 video

    found this video of a black k11. loveing the sound.
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    X-box 360 whats it like?

    well like alot of people i was waiting for the PS3, but that isnt going to be out for a long while, so was thinking about getting a xbox 360, has anyone got one? what they like? also i want to put it on the net what that like? thanks Grant
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    Drifting with a twist

    was having a little look at some videos and found this: made me smile. :laugh: Grant
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    K11 on ebay - Anyone from here?

    looking around on ebay and found this, is it anyone from here i dont reconise it.
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    could it be done?

    Right this is what i was thinking, i was looking at my air filter which is like this: and wanted to move it, like to get air to it better, like moving it to infront of the grill, then i got thinking get a pipe bring it down as normal but then get a like Y tube and get two air filters...
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    abit of tyre painting

    went into staples earlier and see this like chalk pen thing and said to myself that i could do a little painting with that. Before: and here is what i did: what do you think? Grant
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    webber for a micra

    i have just found this on ebay and wanted to know what it would do? thanks Grant
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    started polishing my cam cover.

    i am swapping my engine so i decided to have a little go of polishing the cam cover as a nice little mod, this is at the starting look: and this is what i am up to: thinking about doing aload of the leads red too. what ya think? and any advice is welcome? thanks Grant
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    exhaust choice.

    Has anyone got this exhaust becuase i would like to know what it sounds like and how it fits? pic's would be good. on a k11 if poss. i am thinking about buying it at its buy it now to save time, what you think...
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    1.1 micra?????

    if memory serves then there isnt a micra 1.1 so how the hell does this work? Grant
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    K11 exhaust inlet?

    Hey peeps can anyone tell me what size a k11 micra 98 inlet for an exhaust back box would be? thanks Grant
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    0 posts??????

    have just notice that everyone's post counts are reading 0, what up admin? or is this a normal thing? Grant
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    My new personal nuber plate, what you think?

    finally got it. to make sence of it my name is Grant Martin Lowe. i am very happy with it. Grant
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    How can i?

    Hi how can i like download movies to my computer from the CD as i have just got a new gadget and want to put some movies on it. thanks Grant or if you have any on your computer could i have it if poss.