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    Time for a change ....

    Well ive been into the micra seen for the past 4 years owning a 1litre and then moving onto my 1.4 sport+ i love the micra but i think its time for me to move onto something a little bit more powerful and something a bit more refined. I have just put a deposit down on a skoda fabia VRS in...
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    Engine Transplants ... are a no go....!!!! READ Oh Dear :(
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    195/50/r15 with 55mm lowering springs

    I currently have my k11 lowered on the 55mm lowering springs provided by MPH i have 195/45/15 tryes on at the minute. i just wondering if anyone uses 195/50/15 with these springs and have any problems because i have the chance for 4 brand new tyres with the 50 profile for 50 quid.
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    Near side wheelbearing

    I have a rather loud noise coming from the nearside footwell area i think it is the bearing i will test it first thing in the morning. I would like to do this job my self so has anyone done one of these them selves and could write me a quick step by step. Thanks
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    Exhaust system - Cat back system

    Im looking for an exhaust for a my k11 Would prefer a stainless but will buy mild if in good condition. Im willing to pick up if not too far away (Grimsby) do travel to lake district often via manchester. Pics + Prices please Many Thanks
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    Burger's 1.4 Sport+

    I did start a thred a while back but i cannot find it anymore. So here goes. Im Andy i own an X reg 1.4 sport+ 3 door i silver, i picked this car up about 4 months ago. i have previously owned a 1.0 2002 k11 before but decided to upgrade as i liked the 1.0 soo much. Currently the micra has...
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    xbox 360 rainbow 6 vegas 2 clan players

    Hiya to all who play the 360 and to those who espcially play Rainbow 6 vegas 2. A new clan will be shortly being set up. This clan will be to get as much practice in for the next month and then have a go at the new 3 month season that will be started and to all who would like to give this a...
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    Skegness meet or maybe somewhere close?

    Ive been driving a micra for a while now and im looking to starting modding it. Just wondering if a meet can be arranged so i can look around micras that have already been modded. Is Skegness a good place to meet i live in grimsby and wouldnt mind traveling a bit to somewhere decent.
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    So i crashed my k11 and now i need a new bonnet!!! HELP???

    I crashed my k11 2002 tempest 2 weeks ago smashed my front near side headlight. put a big crease right along the bonnet, caved the front of it in and scratched my front bumper. Does any one know where i am going to find a silver bonnet for my k11? :(:(:(