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    1999 "T" Yellow 1.3 K11

    Long time no post :) I'm selling this Yellow 1999 T Reg K11 "Inspiration" on behalf of my brother 5 owners from new, 3 of which have been in my family (my mum, me and my brother) Part service history (has been serviced ourselves since we've had it) 10 Months M.O.T. 10 Months Tax...
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    M.O.T. today!

    and I passed first time whoop whoop!! just 1 advisory, discoloured indicator bulb. Was well chuffed!!!
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    Removing air conditioning unit >> How?

    I'm going to be removing the air-con from my K11 at some point over the next few months (poss september) Just wanted to know if it was an easy job? What needs to be removed? and what needs to be relocated? (i.e alternator, anything else?) CHeers Lee
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    what are the best springs out of these...

    Just about to purchase some springs... was going to buy a whole suspension kit (but tthat's a bit OTT at the mo) want to know which I should go for out of these brands... Apex - £86.54 AVO - £79.31 Eibach - £152.04 GMax - £84.71 H&R Suspension - £116 Pi - £95 Spax - £85 I know...
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    WANTED: K11 Facelift Fogs

    Does anybody have a pair of fogs for sale? (the ones found on the SI model) If not, does anybody know where I could get some other than scrap yard. How much are they from a Nissan Dealer? cheers Lee :)
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    where should I start???

    Right, starting from scratch again and have got a clean 1300 yellow '99 Inspiration to play with. What I'm looking for at the moment is something that's very quick 0-60. Just ordered the K&N panel filter.. what should I go for in terms of exhaust... tube diameter? metal type? de-cat/sports...
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    Varis "Bugspo" Bodykit

    I want this kit! Is there anywhere you can get hold of it other than through
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    Not new... but I'm back! :P

    Hello!! Some people might remember me,I used to own this ltd edition 1.3 SR with the rear discs, ABS and power steering.... It ended it's life in August when I drove it a little too hard up the M1 with hardly any oil *oops* blew a hole in the sump. I had many problems with this...
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    Is this a good price? (Janspeed system)

    Just looking at this.... is this an OK price? Also, will it give me much of a performance increase? I'm just looking to make my car quicker over 0-60 at...
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    Air conditioning & Janspeed manifold... probblems??

    Long time no post... About to get another Micra; 1.3 Inspiration with air-conditioning. I want to install a Janspeed manifold, but after reading a few topics I get the impression there's a problem installing one if you have air-conditioning? Is this correct, or am I just being stupid?! If...
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    For Sale: A few tunes on ebay

    Just a few tunes I'm getting rid of Thanks Lee
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    FOR SALE: Side Skirts (from Neil's old SR)

    I bought these off Dr Zoidberg about 8 months ago for £115 I think and they've been sitting in my garage ever since. Just need cleaning up. I don't want to post these, so collection only.... plus there's the incentive I'll part with them for £80 if they are collected. I Live in Derby :)...
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    My old SR, spotted in scrap yard..

    Long time no see. Friend of mine has told me that the guy who bought my car off me has scrapped it at the local scrap yard. It was a black SR with the ABS, Rear Disc Brakes & Power Steering options as well as the usual SR bits. If anyone's interested it's apparently at Looms's scrapyard in...
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    F/S: Black SR with PAS/ABS.. spares/repairs

    Blew my engine up last night due to lack of oil :down: :blush: should have known better really! Bad points... dead engine back bumper damaged rusty crossmember / sills split cv gaitor axle slighty bent Good Points... PAS ABS Rear Discs 4 month old gearbox and clutch Spoiler...
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    V6 Gutted! Gutted! :down:
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    What exactly is this? Does it just clip to the battery? What exactly does it do? And is it worth having one? Cheers Lee
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    Where can i get these wheels??!

    Black Nismo rims, as shown on Raceworx Micra in this thread Anybody know where you'd be able to pick a set of these up from? Cheers Lee
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    K11 1.0 Turbo power output??

    Just wondered what kind of horse power a 1.0 turbo K11 would be pushing? Assuming it's just a standard turbo with no other work carried out? Cheers Lee
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    That "Top Boss" Turbo K11 again... It's on ebay again... guessing he's had some kind of crash judging by the fact he's kerbed the wheel etc, hence he's selling it. Is this the one you saw in Derby city centre MicraSkyline? Lee
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    Absolutely gutted!!!!

    I was driving home from work this morning and I could see smoke filling the back of my car, pulled up opened my boot to have a look and the wiring for my taillights had melted together along with my bootlid too. Was nearly home so carried on driving and my ABS light came on, i could hear...