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    Quaife Diff may be available for micra gearbox soon...

    I'm thinking of sharing the results once I'm done and it's working of that helps, the diff I currently have is a great candidate but seems to be a limited production run and isn't mentioned much by quaife so may not be made anymore.
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    Quaife Diff may be available for micra gearbox soon...

    We tried to get the numbers but fell short I'm afraid. I haven't given up though and I think it's possible to modify existing diffs to fit, obviously this voids warranties and such and is probably more effort than most want to go to. There's also a pulsar / Almera / sunny box that fits the micra...
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    Cone Filter Comparisons

    Same thing but raise the back of the bonnet an inch or 2?
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    Cone Filter Comparisons

    What about a scoop on the top of the bonnet to draw cold air into an air filter behind the engine? You could create a box under the bonnet (and sealing to the underside of the bonnet) around the filter to keep hot engine bay air out and it would retain the short intake path of the itbs.
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    GA15DE into K11....

    There's plenty of GA16DE in Australia, it might be worth getting one over? Not sure what it costs.
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    Hi From NZ....and got a couple of issues....

    If the filter has been over oiled it might be drawing oil out of the filter and contaminating the hotwire MAF sensor.
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    Oh Dear....ground to a halt!

    I'd suggest having a look at the voltage regulator and brushes on your alternator and replacing them if worn, in my experience most alternator problems come down to this replaceable unit.
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    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    I was thinking of using some stuffed Landcruiser shocks we have at home somewhere, given the cylinder is possibly only about 1/2 full it would need to be a decent sized shock, I agree worth your comment the duty required of a shock is far beyond that of an accumulator.
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    Cone Filter Comparisons

    Or itbs stuck at the back of an engine bay, I guess just like with the itbs they are hoping that the lack of restriction makes up for the fact they are drawing in hot air. The problem with then designing an airbox and cold air intake for your itbs is you are reducing the "straight shot" into the...
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    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    Oh I like that idea! Mind if I steal it some time? Yeah for a simple item they are pretty dear, the video was an interview with mountune developing race engines so in comparison it was cheap, (they made it seem like baffle sump design was a more difficult thing to get right?) I like the pre...
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    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    Paul, I recently watched a YouTube that talked about ensuring good oil supply on track and high performance engines, it mentioned AccuSump as a cheaper and easier method than either a dry sump or baffles etc, just wondering if you'd seen them? It works similar to a air cell on top of a house...
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    The £80 Micra

    Yes the gsxr 600 tbs are only feeding 600cc but they rev higher than your likely to take the micra (peak power @ 12000rpm and redline is probably a few 1000 above that) so the bike at something like redline is supplying half the capacity at twice the rpm so might not be too far off.
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    Decat Causing Issue? Overfueling?

    Without tuning it still thinks it's got standard injectors so it's still putting in the same injection pulse width, yes you might need more fuel up high but at idle isn't going to change. The ECU is probably finding it hard to correct fuel trims enough if it is able to get worthwhile readings...
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    K11 driveshafts and LSD

    If you want an ATB style diff unless you can find a suretrac which will be 2nd hand your best option is to fit the rs5f31a gearbox, from a ga equipped pulsar / sunny / Almera and a quaife diff for this box, it's a bigger gearbox so not necessarily easy and you'll need custom driveshafts. The...
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    Where to buy standard pistons?

    Matt does standard pistons either 1.0 or 1.3, cga or cg.
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    Next Steps Please!?

    Put a cg13de in a mini, they fit really well and standard equate in performance (butt dyno verified) about the same as a 1310 A series, the cg13de loses a bit of weight to the A series so power to weight can improve again. Cheapest and easiest way to get a twin cam, 16v, 5 bearing crank, 5 speed...
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    Not the typical throttle body hassles

    Maybe check the throttle cable is tight but not pulling the butterfly open at idle?
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    Not the typical throttle body hassles

    It's a cable throttle linkage so how sensitive the throttle is can't be changed, you might check the cable moves smoothly and is adjusted correctly. There's a throttle position sensor on the other side that might be out of calibration or if it's a cvt theres another cable that runs to sensors...
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    Oil extractors has anyone used one on a K11, any good?

    Pull a driveshaft any remaining you might be able to get out with a pump, or you could tilt the car to the right (lilting to the left would put it into the gearbox end away from the driveshaft) and pull the RHS driveshaft.
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    Stiff gear changes - hard to change gear

    It's unlikely I'd say there's anything whole with them, you could put a little bit of grease in there and just check there's not too much play or excess movement in them. I think the greatest friction comes from the ball and socket joint but to do the job effectively I'd be pulling it out and...