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  1. Asif

    I need a nissan micra k11 1.3 fuel cap !!! pleaseeeeeee

    Hi there guys does anyone have a nissan micra fuel cap for sale for my k11 1.3L micra i drove of from shell with it still on the roof and now it's lost :(
  2. Asif

    1999 K11 gearbox oil change 1.3L help ?

    Hi guys need some help please, my micra is kind of making a grinding whirring kind of noise from the gearbox area when low on revs also changing from 3rd to 2nd or from 2nd to 1st is quite hard so i'm guessing a gearbox oil change is in need?? hopefully the box isn't mashed up, anyway onto my...
  3. Asif

    decat and platinum spark plugs/ and or leads??

    Hey guys, i have a full manifold back janspeed exhaust system but with a original middle cat however i have bashed the honeycomb out (sounds dodgy now, bit like a tinny rattly sound under acceleration) i was wondering shall i remove the cat completely and weld a bit of my old exhaust pipe onto...
  4. Asif

    Need help with the k11 1.3L :D :D, Cams and ECU remap?

    Hi there guys i have a micra 1.3L my current mods are a cheap pod filter and full Janspeed exhaust system (manifold all the way to the backbox) and and spax suspension lowering kit (15inch alloys 195/50/r15) although iam thinking of 175/50/r15's because it seems as my top speed is kind of...