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    Imports - fuel query

    I'm pretty sure the higher octane, the more it can be compressed.. Hmm. I must wiki this.
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    Buying a fast jap car..

    The problem with these kind of cars is that they're popular in the import scene, which most likely means that the owner has fiddled with things.
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    Buying a fast jap car..

    It's not so much the handling I'm talking about, FF cars just cannot apply an X amount of power to the wheels whilst steering. FF cars with slip diff can handle exceptionally well, but still cannot compare to a FR or AWD.
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    found N/A CG13, 200bhp @ 12500rpm!!

    Guys.. It's OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Buying a fast jap car.. All the pulsars you need.
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    Some useful car comversions and equations :)

    Teenager + Powerful car = £££££££££££££££££££££££££. :grinning:
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    found N/A CG13, 200bhp @ 12500rpm!!

    Spoon = A tuning team that builds high revving engines for Honda; I think
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    Speed camera

    The young driver's tendency to speed regardless of which car it is, is what makes it hard for insurance companies to trust them with any thing more powerful than box standard low displacement vehicle. Also, no, you don't have to be speeding to lose control, but this seems to be the case in...
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    found N/A CG13, 200bhp @ 12500rpm!!

    12500RPM.......... CG13 Spooooooooooooon.
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    Speed camera

    Speeding = more likely to crash, young driver = speed = crash. It's simply true, hence why my insurance is high on an S13. And in a way it is dangerous, the time it stops from 35 is longer than it is at 30. Also, I don't pull out from junctions like the way you've stated. Regardless of which...
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    Speed camera

    Whoever contributes, is guilty non-the-less. I'm planning to buy a silvia s13 and my insurance for it is 2.5K TPFT. I'm willing to muster up the cash to pay it but if people drove within the constraints of the law and stopped having crashes because they drive beyond their means. The UK roads...
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    Clock light on dash

    Disconnect your battery and leave it for 10 minutes, connect it back together and I bet it works!
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    cheep mods

    Cheap*** Sorry, I had to. :'(
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    Speed camera

    Just please, don't speed. Don't be one of those fags who make our insurances so damn expensive. You slower you go, the further you get.
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    Speed camera

    It was on the other side of the road? - And if there wasn't any markings on the floor, I would only assume that the camera would have been unable to determine the speed at which you were driving. My personal opinion is, you don't get any points.
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    Who Likes Vinger?? I do NOW

    You would never had even imagined shiny metal was beneath that behemoth known as gunk and rust. Vinegar will bring peace to the world. Awesome.
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    Time Travel

    To travel through time, a topic much argued and explored. What is your opinion on time travel? - Do you believe it is possible? - Do you have any theories of your own? Get discussing.
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    Buying a fast jap car..

    FWD is a fault for that car.
  19. J Porsche Test Driver Killed

    Why do they test prototypes on the autobahn? - That's just crazy. I feel sorry for the dude though, it's something that really had no real good reason to happen.
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    The new toy :)

    Not a fan of American cars, but I like the colour.