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    Windows media help!

    Hey just got my computer back from my ex after she had deleted everything, my computer doesnt have a sound device, where can i download one? thanks for any help in advance Glenn.
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    Another ebay micra..
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    eBay micra..
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    GTA 4- Trailer 1hr 13mins and counting...... :glance:
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    Varis body kit

    Anyone seen this body kit before? I have never seen it, its not that nice really but is a bit different! Link: Front bumper: Rear bumper: Side skirts:
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    Future of the micra?!

    I dont really know how well this thread will go down but thought it might be interesting to see what other people though. I have owned my micra for about 5 years now, however i have just sold it for another car so am no longer a micra owner :down: I have been part of the MSC for about 3 years...
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    Just took some pics!

    Just took some photos of my cars tonight! sorry if they are a bit too dark! One during the day! New stickers, i got loads of these stickers, PM me if you want a set!! New punto! Both of them together! :grinning:
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    Cisco's japan blog...

    Dunno if many people have read this, but is an interesting read: Theres a few pics from the site, japan looks amazing as wel!
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    Micra R?!?! Was searching for some micra pictures and came across this beast, I think i have seen a few threads on here before but has anyone ever seen one on the road? I know i havent, were only a few made or something :suspect: I am intreagued...
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    Beckhams off to america! 128 million he is gonna get for playing out there, not bad at all!! lol :glance:
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    Plans for 2007!

    As far as i am awear no threads have been started yet, so whats everyones plans for their micras/cars this year? Mine: Tints Backbox Alloys (may be)_____________ If not then i could be selling up and use the new punto that we have got :down:
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    Two questions.. 1. Is this a new kit for the k11? 2. Is the photo- photoshoped at all? If not will be adding it to my site very soon!! cheers in advance people..t'is a very nice looking kit!!
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    Did you achieve everything you wanted to?!

    I remember a thread at the beginning of the year where everyone wrote down their plans for their cars etc just interested to see if everyone achieved everything they set out to do this year..list of parts and things you have done this year would be good as well.. think all i have done is...
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    Gear selection problem..

    Hey guys, did i search but didnt really find what i was looking for basically being at uni for ages havent drove my car for ages, my mum drove my car up to nottingham on friday and she said it was fine but after driving it yesterday for the first time in months, it is almost impossible to get it...
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    Great day to be a chelski fan! gotta love it! excellent goals in the chelsea game aswel! :laugh: only 2 points away from them now!
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    Whats everyones opinion on puntos?!

    My dad has just brought an 03 reg fiat punto with 13000 on the clock is brand spanking new pretty much, has has given me the option of selling the micra so that i have the punto or if i keep the micra then he will have the punto for himself...really dont know what to do fwn cant bring myself...
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    Live chat- If your ever bored!! New feature on performancemicra- live chat room, so if you are ever bored then anyone is free to use the live chat room- you can send private messages to whoever is logged yeah if we get good participation then could be quite a good thing...
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    Football manager 2007

    Anyone got this yet?! i am pretty much addicted to this one like i am all the rest of the champman/football manager series lol quite like the new format of 2007 aswel.
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    tv aerial's

    I am wanting to get a freeview box for when i go to uni, we dont have an outdoor aerial so can anyone recommend an aerial to me that will pick up freeview, would prefere one from argos as there is one in town so would be easy for me to pick up.. cheers in advance!
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    K10 owners i need your help!

    I have just opened a new section to my site as there was more demand for k10 parts than i thought. As you can see though i have like 2 things in the K10 basically i really need your help. I have no idea what-so-ever about the as far as body kits etc go i am hopeless...