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    my petrol flap is sticking

    I vaguely remember someone saying not to use wd40 inside the keyhole, because it will attract dust/dirt and stick again a few months later... but I can't remember what the correct thing people said to use is. Can anyone remind me?
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    Looking like it's going to be a cold one I'm curious what screenwash everyone uses in their cars, any that you buy every time and have been happy with? Which ones are just colourful water? What temperature do you reckon it needs to protect down to? It was -2 yesterday
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    check your timing

    So I finally got around to checking my timing yesterday, put it off for ages and was surprised how easy it was to do on the Micra. Mine had been running on 5 degrees before top dead centre when it should have been running on 15 degrees, I've adjusted it now and it's solved the top end of the...
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    Thought you guys might be interested in seeing this

    it's how a starter motor works
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    does micra k11 have a "Throttle Valve Switch"

    About to try to set my timing this weekend, don't have a nissan consult so I'm going to attempt it with a timing light Says in haynes to unplug the TPS (throttle position sensor) but says online to unplug the "throttle valve switch" I know the idea is to keep the timing marks from jumping...
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    Identify the pulley

    I have devised a game, identify which numbered pulley does what also which one has the timing marks on?
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    They've come down in price a lot, huh Please post the brand and model of dashcam you have, the year you bought it, how much you paid, and if you're happy with it :)
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    Anybody obsessively keep receipts?

    was thinking about this earlier, when I was trying to work out how much my car has cost me over the years Anyone here owned their car for X number of years and have all the receipts for the work done on it and the parts fitted, servicing etc? Be interesting to work out the average cost per...
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    Timing marks on a CG10DE

    I have a 1 litre micra, 1999, I replaced the distributor twice now over the years and each time just tried to get it as close to how the last one was set, and it's not worked out on distributor number 2 because it idles rough and sometimes rough enough to cut out, weirdly though if I keep the...
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    Worried about a false claim scam on my insurance

    Been out in the Micra today, had a few errands to run and been on the way to the Post office, had just picked up 2 massive tubs of paint so I was driving even more carefully as it was because I didn't want them spilling all over the boot, now I've potentially got this headache to deal with. So...
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    Car cutting out while idling

    Can't remember if I was in 1st or in neutral, was waiting on a hill down towards some lights and it cut out on me. I absolutely sh*t my pants since the last time it cut on me it didn't start again for 6 months, and that time it happened in December at 3am 150 miles from home with a hefty towing...
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    Gearbox oil etc

    Anybody know the change intervals on a manual k11 micra 1999 for the various wear components in the gear box? My gears have been difficult to slot in recently, I thought it was probably just because the other spring went (it used to return from the 5/reverse side, but not from the 1/2 side) and...
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    Guide to fixing the headlight wiring plug issue

    Alright guys. Originally intended to film this as a guide for here, but it proved too tricky to solder and film at the same time, and what I thought would take 15 minutes at the most ended up taking me over an hour since I made the mistake of not buying any flux and I couldn't get the solder to...
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    Overheating (non-cooling system related)

    Looks like my car woes aren't over. Brief history: Broke down in December, been standing idle for 6 months Replaced fuel filter/air filter Replaced ECU Replaced Fuse Replaced distributor I got it started finally last week, and had it idled for 45 minutes. No issues, wanted to just let it run...
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    quick quick distributor question

    Fitting a distributor today, it was a makayo one and it came with a rubber cap over one of the heads on the distributorcap (a blank one with some metal in it from what I could tell, it's not meant to attach a lead there because it's not one of the numbered ones), possibly some sort of vent...
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    Can an ECU go bad in parts?

    update in post 12 The question is: Can an ECU go bad in parts? The mileage is still displayed on the dash, the fuel gauge displays correctly, the car still turns over, there is a noise from the fuel pump when you turn the key to accessory showing that it's primed, nothing flashes on the...
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    Micra K11 ECU removal

    Hello friends, an easy one today but I'm having some trouble I've located the ECU, I've removed the kick panels on both sides, but I'm a big lad and I've got terrible vision in low light, and no matter how I contort and condense myself down into the footwell and no matter how I position the...