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    Injectors for GSX600R Throttle Bodies

    Have it towed there? You'd be looking at 300-400 though If you could rent a truck and drive it there on that you'd save some money
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    Audew Air Horn - fuse keeps blowing!

    I bought one of these once, never managed to fit it The issue is that while they draw a continuous current while operating, to start a compressor there is a massive surge The fuses have to be rated for the surge current, the wire you can get away with slightly thinner but if you use it a bunch...
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    Washer issues

    If the blockage is ice, this would explain it - as the car warms up the pipes thaw Consider getting screenwash that protects down to -10 celsius and run it through and see if that solves the issue Otherwise it does sound likely to be the pump from what you described
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    K11 Starting Issues - Ideas Appreciated!

    They do flood, typically happens when you start it and turn it off without driving it anywhere (or only moving it a short distance like moving carparking spaces) and then leave it overnight in winter To get it going again you did the right thing, pull the fuel pump fuse, turn it over for a...
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    Handbrake handle

    it's molded plastic, slides off the front over the button, but there's usually some sort of tab holding it on so it doesn't come off accidentally Very awkward to get to, usually on the bottom. Can't say for sure on the micra I haven't had mine off
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    K10 1990 For Sale

    nice little car
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    my petrol flap is sticking

    I vaguely remember someone saying not to use wd40 inside the keyhole, because it will attract dust/dirt and stick again a few months later... but I can't remember what the correct thing people said to use is. Can anyone remind me?
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    High biting point?

    It's not always high because it's worn out, the high-set clutch that I had when I got the car 10 years ago is still in it and shows no signs of giving in just yet Driving instructors should teach how to do handbrake turns and everything because god knows that's the first thing I attempted to do...
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    First Micra and heads battered.

    If you aren't certain what coolant is in there and need to top up there is a kind you can buy that can be added to either types of coolant, I'm not sure what it's called but most stores have it if you ask Otherwise you have to do a full flush and take all the hoses off
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    Diagram for march tail lights

    with rarer car parts I tend to have more luck asking "does anyone know someone who has X" than waiting for people to list them for sale, a lot of people don't like listing things that could take a long time to sell to the right person who wants it because then they have to constantly tend to it...
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    High biting point?

    he's telling you how to get some wheel spin going 😂 If you set off by popping the clutch from all the way down to all the way straight up at 6000 revs it won't matter where the biting point is it'll shoot off like a rocket don't crash
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    heater matrix problem

    okay 1 is inside your glovebox, it's the air intake if you set it to recirculate air rather than outside air 2 is your cabin air filter, it's inside one of those black vertical voids that pulls out 3 is the cable that attaches to the slider, that decides if the air is coming from outside or...
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    heater matrix problem

    Ah man that picture is tripping me out because the steering wheel is on the left side in Greece, give me a second I'll get oriented and then label it for you
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    Diagram for march tail lights

    One wire at a time is definitely the best way, unless you can read those wiring diagrams that look like a map of the tokyo underground You can also use masking tape. Put a loop around the wire with a label looking part you can write on. Write A and A, B and B etc so you never forget where a...
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    Remutaka Hill (Wairarapa NZ)

    Looks like the kind of road you might see on topgear/the grand tour Nothing like that here, very jealous
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    EPS Power steering column, what ACTUALLY goes wrong?

    I understand, just nostalgia for a simpler time I guess where your steering wheel didn't need a computer on it and a password. They could be built in such a way that they could be swapped out for scrap parts so that people can repair their own cars when they break but they aren't for money...
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    EPS Power steering column, what ACTUALLY goes wrong?

    I've been reading the thread and I was thinking this the entire time The whole thing seems very contrived, especially Nissan not having the ability to repair their own car because of using a 3rd party company who aren't sharing their intellectual property - it means they have plausible...
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    Can't sleep so i made this also you should know they banned methanol in screenwash in May 2018, if you bought yours before then you might want to swap it for the new kind plain water used in summer has been linked to legionnaires disease with professional drivers using plain water in...
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    K12 cleaning airbag connectors

    The connectors under the seats are weight sensors that detect if someone is sitting in the passenger seat so the car knows whether or not to deploy the passenger airbags in the event of a crash. There shouldn't be any issue unplugging them while the car is off, other than them being difficult...