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  1. huntr_micra_sport

    Blocked Radiator

    still losing water and bubbling in the rad and expansion tank so ive come to the conclusion the radiator is blocked? anyone experienced this problem?, am i best just getting a new rad or is there something i can use to unblock it? thanks
  2. huntr_micra_sport


    Engine over heated the other day and I lost power, fitted a new thermostat and radiator cap, car then ran fine and no more over heating. Drove the car about 50 mile today and just as I got home the engine check light came on, doesn't seem to be any loss of power, no over heating and it still...
  3. huntr_micra_sport

    Couple of questions

    First one, on cold start in the morning when I turn the key in the ignition and the car starts there is a grinding noise just after the car starts for a few seconds, only happens first thing in the morning, would this be the starter jamming or what? And any easy fix? Second question, there is a...
  4. huntr_micra_sport

    Help, removing bumper

    So I was removing the front bumper, all went well untill the last bolt, it goes through the bumper into a bit of metal below held by two flimsy arms that snapped, so now the bit of metal is spinning below and its not a nut and too thin to hold with anything so the bolt is just spinning and won't...
  5. huntr_micra_sport

    Number Plate

    Just want to double check before i order a new plate. Jap import plates are illegal unless your car is an actual jap import as there isnt space for 3inch letters? But i can put an 11x8 4x4 square plate on?
  6. huntr_micra_sport


    Wondering what splitters i can get from the scrappy that dont require any modification as i dont really want one split up the middle to make it fit. I know a polo 6n2 is best option but ive been waiting a while and there is still none available near me. So what else can i look out for? Thanks
  7. huntr_micra_sport

    Plasti dip and removing bumpers

    I wanna spray my front and back bumpers black, thinking plasti dip could be a good option, anyone used this stuff before? Is it any good/easy to use? Or am I better going for regular spray Also is it easy to remove the bumpers? Couple of bolts holding them on each side? Thanks
  8. huntr_micra_sport

    Water leaking?

    Was checking the car the other day and the water tank beside the battery was empty so filled it up, 2 days later its empty again. Where should I be checking for leaks? not 100% what its for haha
  9. huntr_micra_sport

    Interchangeable Bumpers?

    Wondering if i got some pre facelift black plastic bumpers would they fit my 2nd facelift? or is there a shape difference or difference in fixings? Thanks
  10. huntr_micra_sport

    K11 2001 Sport - Granny to Punany

    Thought id finally make a blog to show off my micra and to help other new members as i have learnt a lot about my micra from all the very helpful people on here. So about 9 months ago i bought a 2001 Micra Sport 1.0, not knowing at the potential these cars have, however it was too good to pass...
  11. huntr_micra_sport

    heat shield

    Fed up with the rattle, trying to remove it but there's a wire goes down into a plug on top of the exhaust, can I take this out in order to remove the heat shield, if so how do I remove it. Thanks
  12. huntr_micra_sport


    I am going to attempt to lower my car this weekend with 35mm lowering springs on standard shocks. Phoned a local garage and they said 90 quid to fit them, WHAT!? So do i need spring compressors? And its just couple of bolts on the rears and swap springs, then remove shock from front and...
  13. huntr_micra_sport

    K11 Micra Mud Flaps

    Looking some of the Mud Flaps that have Micra or Nissan Written on them, or the plain ones will do as well So if anyone has any lying about drop me a message, thanks
  14. huntr_micra_sport

    Light Brows/Covers/Eyelids

    Anyone know where i can get those covers that go over the top of the headlights? For a 2001 2nd facelift
  15. huntr_micra_sport

    30-35mm Lowering Springs Wanted

    Thought id try here before shelling out 100 quid for some new ones, So anyone got any 30-35mm lowering springs lying about they are looking rid of? Thanks
  16. huntr_micra_sport

    Front Wheel Noise???

    There is a high pitch noise coming from my front driver side wheel, it comes on at random times for a few seconds then goes away again, sounds like something is rubbing also the break pad occasionally makes the noise you get when the pad is worn out but not all the time, the break pads where...
  17. huntr_micra_sport

    vw polo mk2f

    Just looking some advice, Ive always wanted an old mk2 polo, one has finally come up near me, a 1992 mk2f 1.0 86,000 miles for £650, ive got him down to £500 so far. anyway, apparently it is mechanically sound, he has spent a good bit on it. brake pads/bearings etc sills have been replaced...
  18. huntr_micra_sport

    mx5 wheels

    There's a set of mx5/eunos wheels going cheap near me. 4x100 14" Does anyone know will these be a straight swap on my k11? I'm talking more offset and bore etc?
  19. huntr_micra_sport

    carbon cansiter

    I noticed the larger pipe going into the carbon canister was disconnected and hanging loose, this also explained the smell of fumes every time I startes the car. I connected it back up but has someone disconnected it for a reason? Its a tight fit so I don't think it just came off by itself...
  20. huntr_micra_sport

    Light Tinting

    I currently have fly eye on my headlights and fogs and it makes the car look a lot better. however for a more professional look im thinking of getting some tinting spray and doing a couple of coats. Anyone any experience using this stuff, would you recommend it? and whats the best stuff to get...