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  1. lifeonkepler

    *WANTED* 93-97 Preface!

    In the market for a new Micra as the MOT is up on mine soon and won't be ready to pass in its current state. Looking for a tidy preface that's road legal and ready to go as it'll be a daily for me. No/light/medium/heavily modified welcome and will be took into consideration. Based in...
  2. lifeonkepler

    1.3 cams in 1.0 timing question

    Hello folks, I've returned from my local scrappies with a set of 1.3 dizzy cams for my 1.0 coilpack engine. Should be fitting these either this or next weekend. I'm wondering if anyone can advise on +/- timing. I've heard and seen other threads mention about +2 being the best MBT for lower...
  3. lifeonkepler

    Pre face conversion, headlights?

    Hi guys, In the process of doing a pre face on my lovely 52 plate.. I've come across an issue that I hadn't seen anyone raise prior to attempting this myself. The wiring harness seems slightly different (going in to pre face headlights). I'm wondering if anyone has encountered this and how...
  4. lifeonkepler

    Aftermarket horn help!

    Decided to upgrade the horns this afternoon and realised I'm a bolt short to mount the second horn, any ideas where I can harvest another one from the car? Aaaarrgghhhhhhhhh Sent from my Swift 2 X using Micra Sports Club mobile app
  5. lifeonkepler

    Bolt on upgrades?

    After lurking for a while I thought it was high time I made a post. Current 'modifications' are 35mm direnza springs, mushroom filter sitting on throttle body (Temporarily), fleabay backbox & gutted out rear. I've seen a few posts about swapping out the cams to 1.3 and GA15/16 throttle body...