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  1. RichSuperS


    I was driving along the A449 today when the engine management light started to flash. So I pulled over and checked the code P0302. Car is running on 3 cylinders. Have tried swapping the coil packs over from 1 to 2 but no difference. Could it be an injector? Car is a late 2000 1.0 Thanks
  2. RichSuperS

    Oily Spark Plug...

    Hi all, Bought myself a 2001 Micra S 1.0, just been servicing it today and found oil around the number 2 spark plug threads. Is this bad...? Thanks Rich
  3. RichSuperS

    K11 Super S 1993 *SOLD*

    1993 Super S in green 68,100 miles 12 months not 6 months tax Oz racing alloys with almost new tyres Peter Lloyd rallying exhaust (2 weeks old) Koni adjustable suspension on the front Bilstein shocks on rear K&n induction kit Bad points. Vandalised paintwork £350 Want car out of way ASAP, as...
  4. RichSuperS

    [SOLD] 1994 K11 Super S

    102,600 Miles Mot July 2011 No Tax Drives well, body has a few dings, but that's normal with a 16 year old car. Good tyres, recent exhaust. No power steering, but still easy to park. Drivers seat is worn on the one bolster. £300 Car is located in Worcester. PM for more details
  5. RichSuperS

    Misfire, no power - K11 Super S

    Bought myself an Super S tonight. Took it for a test drive, no problems at all, drove really well. Paid for it, driving back home, when suddenly the car starts violently jerking and has no power. Let the car cool down, and tried driving again. Was okay for about half a mile, starts jerking...
  6. RichSuperS

    Think I've bought a Dud.....

    Moved to K11 subforum
  7. RichSuperS

    k11 Uprated suspension

    Koni Adjustable front shocks Bilstein Rears 30 mm lowering springs £80 for the lot + P&P
  8. RichSuperS

    K11 Super S Bumper & Driving Lights

    Super S bumper and Driving lights £60
  9. RichSuperS

    CG13 Engine and box for sale

    CG13 engine and box. 68000 miles, runs sweet. £150
  10. RichSuperS

    Breaking K11 Super S

    Due to vandals damaging the paintwork, I have decided to break my car :( Low mileage engine 68000 miles K&N Induction Kit Koni adjustable front shocks Bilstein rear shocks 30mm lowering springs OZ SuperTurismo Alloys with 195/45/15 Tyres (Tyres have covered 1000 miles) Jap spec dash cup...
  11. RichSuperS

    Car Vandalised!!!

    Woke up to find this! :( Paint stripper over her and all the tyres slashed!! Nice....
  12. RichSuperS

    Bumper Resprayed

    Hi Had my bumper resprayed and its a different shade. Spoke to my mate who did it and he said there are 4 different variations in colour. The paint code in fl1. Just wondered if anyone knew the correct one? Thanks
  13. RichSuperS

    Hesitation under full throttle.

    Car has a hesitation when changing from 2nd to 3rd when accelerating at full throttle. I change gear at 7000rpm in 2nd, change to 3rd, revs drop to around 4000rpm thats when the slight hesitation starts. If I floor it starting in 3rd, no problems. Starvation of fuel maybe? The car is a 1993...
  14. RichSuperS

    Side Repeaters....

    Bought some clear side repeaters off eBay, tried to fit them but they are different! Original Side Repeater Clear Side Repeater The hole on the clear repeater is slightly too large and the plug will not fit. Anyone else had this problem?
  15. RichSuperS


    Got myself a Super S a few weeks ago and just noticed something strange. No switch for the front fog lights! The lights have wiring and there is a fuse, but there is no wiring behind the blanking plate, where the switch should be. Crazy!
  16. RichSuperS

    Number plate surround K11 1993

    Hi I'm after a number plate surround for my super s. Grabbed hold of the one on the car and it cracked. Whoops! :doh: Thanks Rich