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    Did all low comp engines have 4-speed gearbox?

    So, did all Micras with low compression MA10 engines have 4-speed gearbox? I thought that low compression engine production was finished with Datsun model, but I just bought -87 Micra (third K10 for me :D) and it has 4-speed gearbox. It feels very lazy to accelerate but as I checked the engine...
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    55bhp and 570lbs... (vids and pics)

    I had spare MA10 engine with it's gearbox, driveshafts and front hubs. Then I had some parts from B11 and N13 Sunny. Then I found some pipe and welded all this together and this is what I got:
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    5 inch ground clearance?

    Is 5 inch ground clearance in the front enough? I was thinking that has anyone had so little clearance or even lower? Much problems?
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    changing springs

    Can the rear springs be used in the front?