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    Steering Problem

    yesterday there was slack in the steering but its now tightened up again and when the car is stationary and you wave the wheel theres a knocking coming from the passenger side somewhere. Any ideas what it could be? P reg 1.3 thanks toots x
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    Happy birthday to Ian

    if you ever drag yourself away from call of duty 4 to come look at the forums. i knew that was a dumb present. Happy birthday hunni :D
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    christmas meet north easties?

    pretty much sums it up i guess. life centre have an outdoor ice rink going up in the next few weeks if anyone fancies it. failing that, any other ideas below kthnxbi
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    Top Gear

    incase anyone forgot
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    To cheer myself up after a particularly crappy day: Donald Rumsfeld is briefing George Bush in the Oval Office. "Oh and finally, sir, three Brazilian soldiers were killed in Iraq today." Bush goes pale, his jaw hanging open in stunned disbelief. He buries his face in his hands, muttering...
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    Amazing Parking

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    NE meet?

    bowling? galleries? (I'll even book lanes. hughbert...) August 11th? Usual spot 5.30 pm? anyone in?
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    Happy Birthday Ollieee

    I Lub Jooooo
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    Old One In Our Midst...

    happy thirtieth hugh xxx
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    top gear signing

    the american episode is currently on bbc in sign language. the little guy in the corner has to keep stopping to laugh lmao
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    is anyone watching this pap? we seem to suck more every year
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    K11 lights

    micra lights up for sale. moving house, want rid of as much of my stuff as possible! they are up on ebay but will offer them to an msc member for £50, postage is only a £5 so i'll cover it myself good condition, only thing is a little crack on the inside of the nearside light which is hidden...
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    autotrader i hate it but someone might like it dunno if he...
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    New Car Anyone?

    still runs, batphone still works, what more do you want?! They are also selling the original three wheeled van from only fools and horses. both complete with Richard Madely butt marks (tonight's richard and judy show)
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    Happy Birthday James

    As the thread says, 21 five minutes ago! xLx
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    christmas 06

    how did everyones xmas go?
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    sniff i miss percy =(
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    what you still got left to do before christmas?

    ive got to er, shop. and do cards. and decorate. damn 70 hour weeks
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    To The Owner Of A Blue Si...

    driving around south shields with skirts, springs and alloys. Your middle brake light and your offside brake light are both out. Layla x
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    Irn Bru Advert

    it made me choke on my dinner!!!