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    F/S: Flocked Dash

    Item: Flocked Dash Location: Huthwaite, Notts Condition: Great Reason for selling: Breaking car Price: 80 Bought this not long ago from hoodedreeper but due to now breaking the micra its up for sale. Great condition, All clock surrounds, centre console included Collection only...
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    Modified K11 - seized engine

    Right time to sell - it broke down a bout a week ago, had it trailered home and was told the starter motor had gone but turns out its the engine. So the car does require work, the engine has ceased. I have just replaced the starter motor with a new one with 6 months warranty. The doors are on...
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    New Car - MX5 Eunos - Drift Fun!

    Hey guys, got my bonus from work this month and decided to treat myself to a drift car. Been wanting to buy one for ages.. What you guys think? Comments welcome Here's the spec Lowered on Ta Technix Coilovers (Extremely low) Welded VLSD LL Motorsport Aluminium Radiator Stage 3 F1 Racing...
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    K11 Doorcards

    Hey guys, After some new doorcards for my k11. What you got?
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    13"/14" Alloys Wide Banded Etc

    Looking for new wheels 13's/14's only! ideally banded wheels or ultralites.. let me know what you got?
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    Side Mount Bucket Seats

    Seen a couple of bucket seats i like which are side mounted. Do these side mounting brackets fit the micra? Any help much appreciated
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    Randomhero's K11 project Hippo

    Hey guys, My name is Lee from Nottinghamshire Thought I'd post some pictures of my project which my misses has called project hippo as she thinks all micra's look like hippos lol.. Picked it up over a month ago. Previous owner had started to smooth doors, it's Lowered on weller steels 13x6...
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    Removing steering wheel with airbag. Help!

    Hey guys and girls. I'm new to the forum. Just after a bit of advice and pictures wud help. I'm trying to remove the standard steering wheel and airbag but not having much luck. I've tried search feature but no luck. Can anyone help? My nardi steering wheel is just sat there waiting to be...