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    nismo micra for sale

    Lovely Lovely Vehicle
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    that nut on the front suspension

    you know, that one that spins on the top Any hints?
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    some performance and loads of standard parts

    gents, I have a 96, 5 door, blue k11, with sunroof I am breaking Parts aren't off yet, but if you register interest I will hurry up. Obviously I have just about everything except the interior which has already sold I can put them on here or e-bay as they come off Some parts - ALL PARTS...
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    check out the rear camber on this lol
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    Replacement sills

    Any suggestions on the best place to buy?
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    K11 Convertible

    anyone got one? if so what are they like day to day how are the roofs? who are you insured with?
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    for sale or breaking 95n blue 5 door nissan micra

    one 95n blue 5 door nissan micra around 108000 miles, mot failure on rust, sills, front frame, couple of suspension points, dodgy driveshaft. shame really as drives fine, starts every time. if someone wants it whole, make me an offer, if not I will be breaking, so any parts you want let me...
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    oh no!!!

    well gents, the k11 has finally failed the mot so bad I cannot justify the repairs :( very bad on rust, and electrics. Its a very sad day for me, best car I have owned :( :down: :down: :down: I loved that little car :(
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    does anyone out there know of a script / prog / batch file! that would scan a bunch of files (txt or csv) and extract any lines that start with a certain string? With some sort of reference to the file it is extracted from? its a longshot, but someone out there may know Thanks gents :)
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    insurance on turbocharged cg13's

    I haven't seen much on this lads, may be of interest. What sort of price do you / have you paid? age ncb etc?
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    remapping the stock ecu

    First off, if you are reading this please note this is for info only, if you have a go, and it breaks your car, tough. Any questions feel free to ask why would you want to do such a thing? well remapping the stock ecu enables you to alter fueling, ignition, rev limits, speed limits, idle rpm...
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    ecu for sale - a clever one!!

    Reprogrammable nissan micra (early non nats k11) ecu This is for anyone who has an interest, but If you have any questions like "what does this do" "how much more power will i get" it really isn't for you What it includes hardware 1 x k11 ecu with daughterboard and all changes already...
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    your doing it wrong

    Okay gents, I ma have had a drink, I may be searching for funny videos I think he over cooked it, but syrls what was he thinking - site has some rude ladies fwn Is it wrong I found this funny?
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    emissions free engine, produced in a garage!! amazing
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    Halloween (Merged)

    how do i turn this theme off? and i can't turn capitals off!!!!!
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    rust - anyone got non?

    is it possible? anyone out there, with a pre 2000 k11, with no rust?
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    video screen capture software

    anyone know of / use any software that will allow me a make a good screengrab / thumbnail of a movie clip, needs to be fairly simple to use?
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    k11 at the hill-climbing yesterday

    the Dowdings? Just wondered if it was anyone on here? Well done for having a good go!!
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    remappable ecu

    gents, i *may* have for sale a remappable ecu for any non nats k11. i would provide a modified ecu, with any "special" requests, rev limit raised etc. i would also provide information on certain areas on the map. and a eprom writer to write changes to the ecu I'd be looking for about...
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    bunch of electrical componants and equipment

    would this be of interest to anyone, Farnell breadboard - its got internal power, plus two extra boards, these aren't cheap. some solid wire, loads of componants, ic's, resistors, if you want me to list everything i can, but i'd rather not, whats in the pics is what you get, plus some extra...