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  1. kamisama

    Project Kanjo..........

    Hello all, heres my new girl and money pit lol, She's currently a 1.0 which will change over the next year once ive sorted the little things. Il keep you all informed with the ins and outs along the way. image upload free
  2. kamisama

    Evening all....

    Hello folks, ive just rejoined after a lengthy absence due to work/housemoves and storks dropping of extra sproggs. Bought myself a k11 inspiration on a t-plate in silver. Just flew through its mot so looking to modify yet again lol. Hello to all :) cheers Damo
  3. kamisama

    Number 3 Here we go again

    As in the title micra number 3 ready for playtime, just stock piling bits before she gets modded. Shes a 1.0 with no sunroof, no power steering. This car is my commute as well as my future trackday weapon so watch this space. Good to be back behind the wheel of a micra there so much fun and just...
  4. kamisama

    Hello im back again

    Hello everybody, im finally back with yet another k11, many apoligys to evrybody whos tried to get in touch with me via pm's ive had to go without comp for a while longstory :( Hope everybody is well?
  5. kamisama

    euro-micra your inbox is full :)

    Just thought id let you know lol glad you got your throttle body finnally bloody royal mail armholes, sorry bout delay thanks damian
  6. kamisama

    some more bits for sale please look as need space

    Hello folks more bits for sale, primera airbox standard unmolested £10 posted Daewoo matiz rear springs as seen in franks post lowers rear quite a bit £10 posted and still got standard steels 4 off with exceptionally good tyres 175/6513 and 175/70/13s bit wider tyres and when on my car...
  7. kamisama

    13'' micra steelies with very good tyres

    For sale 13 inch standard k11 steel wheels with very good tyres 185/60/13s if memory serves me right. Loadsa miles left on them Make me an offer, need space asap
  8. kamisama

    cg13 engine forsale

    slight change of plans so selling one of my cg13 engines, came from a 70,000 car, heard and saw it running and was fine. The engine is standard apart from painted rocker cover. Due to size buyer will have to collect from swadlincote derbyshire. £70 or make offer i wont bite lol need to clear...
  9. kamisama

    ga16 throttle bodies and injectors

    2x ga16 throttle bodys £15 posted each 1 set of ga16 injectors £10 posted (Y)(Y)
  10. kamisama

    Ford mondeo verona 1.8

    Hello peeps, my missus has finally been converted to jdm and weve got her a civic lsi saloon so we are looking to sell our old family mondy. Weve had it for a while now and has done us proud. It is in a blue mettallic and has electric windows in the front, central locking, kenwood cd player...
  11. kamisama

    Timewarp k11 I saw this yesterday at the local nissan garage and found there link on this website when i got home. Certainly a rarity, my 1st k11 i bought new and had this mileage within 12 months nevermind 15 years lol. Couldnt...
  12. kamisama

    engine management diy tuning?

    Just a thought but has anybody on here ever gone out and purchased the dongle cable and software to play with your ecu at home. Noticed on you tube theres a few chaps running 200sx's and 300zx's with a package they bought from nistune in aussie land but ive noticed that there 14 pin ecus which...
  13. kamisama

    Original japanese registration plates

    Does anybody know where i might be able to obtain a set of these purely for show use and my work room wall? Any help on this would be great as ive contacted a few importers today and seem to be banging my head against a wall with them lol
  14. kamisama

    k11 ecu's and fueling set-ups

    hello peeps, Newbie to the site and eager to play, ive got a 1.0 vibe on a p-reg. Basically i have some really good scrapyards nearby with micras in and have noticed a few of you have swapped throttle bodies and ecu's over from other micras or even almeras and primeras. My future plan is to...
  15. kamisama

    kamisama blogsssssss

    Hello peeps, thought id start a little build up thread of my latest micra. Im new to msc but have been playing with micras for a longtime with my old inspiration ripping up many miles in and around the midlands around the year 2000. My old micra 1.0 inspriration: then a year or two later...