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  1. james betley

    wanted a k10 engine

    i am after a 1.0 k10 engine for my car MA10 the piston rings mite have gone the oil light did not come on and no oil in the sump :down: :down:
  2. james betley

    car show

    is their any one going on here at all
  3. james betley

    scrapyard find

    i nice mint k11 in scrapyard in lincoln
  4. james betley

    kit car show

    their is a kit car show on the 3 and 4 may at stoneleigh anyone interested i will be their
  5. james betley

    need help

    what size are the boot struts on the k11 fully extented from nuckle to nuckle please and also on the k12 as well
  6. james betley

    valve clearance

    what is the valve clearance on a 1.0 k10 1990 please
  7. james betley


    What is the number for kyb...... And what is the best shocks to go for is it gas or oil
  8. james betley

    any offers

    got some stuff on offer if anyone wants them so make me an offer please and dont make silly pricesand rember it is first come first serve
  9. james betley

    i need performance shocks

    i have been to allwords halfords pitstop and they dont sell shocksat all. I have ask them about Boge and KYB and they dont sell them and no other company makes them so i am stuck at the moment, or can i use standard shocks thanks for the replay
  10. james betley

    Will front K11 shocks fit the K10

    i need help would k11 front shocks fit a k10 at all
  11. james betley

    I need

    i need some bumper rubber i have been to nissan carnt rember what they said how much they are i also been to allwords and halfords and they dont do them is their a nother place where you can get them from in the circle
  12. james betley

    strut brace

    i am after a strut brace for my k10 has anyone got one dont care what colour it is in willing to pay £20.00 for 1 thanks for looking
  13. james betley

    what are people doing at the weekend

    This weekend i am off to a kit car show at newark showground is anyone going to it or not it is a grate day out if the weather is nice
  14. james betley

    found out something

    it is on my car i found out why the battery was draining it was to do with the cd player i dont know why it was draining it just was i carnt take it back it only had a one year warrenty on it i had the player for two years now
  15. james betley

    various things for sale

    selling a few bits i got liying arround the amp is a 600watts £135 and the carpet is £35 pick up only more stuff to sell when i have pictures
  16. james betley

    this is my car

    i have spent a lot of money on it still got loads to do on it next thing to do is to finish off the interor then get the window tinted
  17. james betley

    is it safe

    is it safe to put card detailes on this site cos i want 2 be a full member
  18. james betley

    what i am after

    i am after a boot sensor ? i have been 2 nissan dealers and they said that no k10s have i seen them on does anyone have 1 laying somewhere at all if so can u email me on THANKS
  19. james betley

    what i put in the car

    i have totally guted out the inside of the car and i also put in the new carpet the super s and it looks a lot better got pics of it but dont know how 2 put it on no rust under the carpet what so ever just a little rust near the back wheel arch part from that it was excellent now all ready 2...
  20. james betley

    christmas market

    who is going 2 the christmas market in lincoln when it is on