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  1. TONEY

    k11 ice race footage the only two i can find
  2. TONEY

    toneys sr20

    well got bored of the 1.6 so have now gone for a sr20 just a few pics for now
  3. TONEY

    k10 super s in peasepottage

    as above very clean with all the kit its black to the right as you go in
  4. TONEY

    whiteline frount under chissis brace

    as title says (used with few scuffs) looking for 35 but offers are open
  5. TONEY

    mad march

    looking though youtube as you do and came across some high horse powered march`s being dynoed
  6. TONEY

    cool truck

    a truck with some cool skills
  7. TONEY

    my blog

    hey all well it all started 3 months ago when i picked my 3rd k11 up the firsts thing to go on was wheels, full janspeed. and induction kit the next weekend was shocks and -35mm springs and a set of seats with harnesses along with the interior coming out as well then it decided to...
  8. TONEY

    WTD speedo (gearbox end) if anyone has a 1.3 machanical speedo (the one that gos into the gearbox) that they are willing to sell i would be much appreciative many thanks
  9. TONEY

    speedo problem

    i am currently doing a engine change from a cg10 to cg13 (1998) the small problem i have is that the car has a cable speedo and the engine thats going in has a electrical speedo, and its not just a matter of swaping them over as they are different (the hole and the cog are different in size)...
  10. TONEY

    dash and plastics

    for sale k11 facelift dash and all interior plastics including a plillers with tweeter grills all cleen with very fue scraches will sell bits seprately if needed open to offers pics: (at the bottom of the page)
  11. TONEY

    rocker cover

    well as the car being off the road i thought i would polish my rocker cover it still needs some work
  12. TONEY

    find me a car

    right im looking for a k11 1996 onwards manual super s black or white in the south area or just a shell
  13. TONEY

    auto to manual

    just a quick question is it possable to change the gear box in a automatic in to a manual gear box? if so is it a strait swap or will the mounts have to be changed looking at a auto super s but i hate auto:(
  14. TONEY

    another crashed micra

    well wensday night i was going round a corner and hit ice and went straight in to a tree
  15. TONEY

    ed on barryboys people have not got a clue
  16. TONEY

    one for the girls

    if you like pink then this is for you LOL
  17. TONEY

    as were are on the subject of wheels

    here are some pics of my new wheels origionally from 59bhp
  18. TONEY


    as my mother is organising this year boxhill jap meet im just seeing if anyone will be up for it? it will be on the 25th of feb (sat) it should be a good day out with lots of jap car clubs there will be more info to come many thanks toney p.s hope people will come i dont...
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    key anyone

    would you even bother
  20. TONEY

    any one like my dads