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    Driveshaft knock?

    So my '97 SR with ABS has a "knock" on the front passenger side! It knocks when I move off and change gear due to the loading and unloading of the drive! I recently just changed the engine so I could have left something loose, any ideas? Are the driveshafts universal from all K11 models...
  2. K11SS

    Do these look ok?

    Hey guys, just a reassurance thing here! Fitted a new engine few months back and wanted to check if the plugs looked ok to you guys? Thanks guys :) Pepper
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    Brakes question

    As there is a lot of talk about brake upgrades I bought Almera 1.6 calipers on eBay and they arrived few days ago. I've not tried to fit them but do you need the carriers too or do the biggest brakes bolt on? Pepper
  4. K11SS

    FS: Almera GTi wheels!

    Item: Almera GTI wheels Location: Glasgow, Ibrox Item Condition: Used but never by myself. Reason for selling: Selling due to not needing anymore, bought some Lenso BSX yesterday! :) Price and price conditions: £50 collected. Offers welcome! Extra Info: The tyres are in roadworthy...
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    Oil in exhaust port?

    Anyone had this before? If anyone knows the problem could you let me know the fixes available? Thanks guys! Pepper
  6. K11SS

    Exhaust manifold cat removed!

    Decided to empty the contents of my cat while I'm fitting a new engine and it's taken off! Safety 1st lol Next the manifold! Contents! Less contents! Emptied and buffed a little! I'll refit this on monday and let you know how it goes :) Pepper
  7. K11SS

    Gearbox oil filling.

    Where is best to fill the gearbox oil for access cause the speedo cable access is quite restrictive :( Thanks alot guys! Stephen
  8. K11SS

    ARB Drop link.

    Am I supposed to shorten the tubed section for this to fit together? And do I have it fitted correctly? Thanks guys.
  9. K11SS

    Quick Reply needed please.

    Which hose connection is feed and which is return in the fuel rail? Thanks alot!
  10. K11SS

    WTD: K11 headlights.

    Both headlights required, some of the plastic parts that hold the grill have broken off and the plastic hook for holding the headlight itself has come undone. Both have been glued previously so looking for 2 full units with no broken plastic clips or parts. Thanks Pepper
  11. K11SS

    ABS sensor removal!

    How best should I remove this sensor if it is jammed? It's pretty stuck on :( Thanks alot! Pepper
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    Engine Change tips?

    Hi guys, I'm going to be swapping my engine and wondering if anyone has some tips on the "best" way to do it? I have general tools, spanners, sockets etc but if any specific tools are needed could you let me know? Is it best to take engine alone or with gearbox in one bearing in mind I plan...
  13. K11SS

    Strongest engine?

    I want to fit a turbo to my 97 SR but it has 105k miles on it so I plan to fit a younger engine but which engine is best? Manual, Auto, engine of a certain year etc? Any info be greatly appreciated :) Pepper
  14. K11SS

    EOI: Standard Almera Alloys.

    I got a set of the above wheels, decent condition but no real need for them. Anyone interested in these (pics to follow of course ;) ) the tyres I'll need to clear up details because they are in a cupboard lol Pepper
  15. K11SS


    Question, how does the car act with the stretched tyres? I was thinking they would understeer pretty bad? Wheel spin alot? Have a hard ride and be #### with potholes? Anyone with experience or input? Pepper
  16. K11SS

    Panhard Rod Length

    Wonder if anyone might have a Whiteline Panhard rod off the car which they could measure the max and min lengths for me? I have a custom one made just gotta check sizes now on length before welding on bushes? If I remember way back the original one is 800mm in length and I think I can have...
  17. K11SS

    BMW RWD Micra Anyone?!

    Saw this on Cisco's site, thought I'd post here for those who don't check CMF... Lets see Nex buy this and have 6 Micra's now lol Pepper
  18. K11SS

    Black Ghost.

    Hey guys, I got this K11 SR in january this year and not done anything to it except an oil change and washed it once lol but I do hope to do another turbo project but only a low boost one to be an ornament not going to be using on track days, maybe 1/4 miles though! Anyway this is her...
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    Antony PM

    This is for Antony, your inbox is full and have something I wana ask you :) Could you message me when you have space, thanks! Pepper
  20. K11SS

    Centre Bore 1mm too small?!

    My 160SR wheels are going to be going for repair, So for spare rims I was going to use Almera GTI rims... then re-use them for my K11... Problem is the center bore of the K12 is 60.1mm where the Almera/Micra is 59.1mm so will they fit "ok" over the 60.1mm without damage? Pepper