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  1. Scouse boy

    Scouse boys return

    Hi guys, after leaving the Micra scene for a couple of years... I'm back!... not with a K11 though This was my last K11 before getting a Civic EK9: I then moved onto an MR2 GTi-16 T-top: That got damaged and I have recently purchased this badboy: Primera E-GT: SR20DE engine, full...
  2. Scouse boy

    K11 pre or facelift model.

    Hi guys, The missus and I are looking for a little k11. Budget of about £500 - £600 with preferably tax and MOT. Talk to me...
  3. Scouse boy

    Micra 2001 Purple

    Hey guys, My gf has had an accident in her K11 and as a result, needing a few parts. I'm after a bumper and door (front passenger - from 5 door model) Not too fussed about colour as I need to fix it asap. What you got? thanks in advance, Craig
  4. Scouse boy

    K11 steelies

    Hi guys, Im needing a set of k11 steelies for my gfs car to pass it's mot. What have you got? ideally need something either tonight or tomorrow. Craig
  5. Scouse boy

    Had to be done :)
  6. Scouse boy

    1995 Micra Super S for sale

    Hi guys, time for me to sell my little beast. Its a 1995 Super S in a dark green metallic colour. It has 2 months TAx and MOT left on it. Currently has 67k miles on the clock and full service history. It has a few scratches on the body work and will need the drivers sill welding for the next...
  7. Scouse boy

    Gauging interest

    Hi guys, I'm just wondering how much my 1995 Super S is worth. It has 66k with full service history. Comes with Tax and MOT. It has a few dings and scratches (as expected for its age). It also will need both sills welded for its next MOT. It comes with original super s alloys, electric windows...
  8. Scouse boy

    Micra k11 passenger door glass needed asap

    Hi guys, some t**s decided to break my brother's passenger window on his K11 last night. It's a 3 door 2003. Does anyone have one for sale? He's located in Liverpool, though can travel in the north west if needs be. Message me with price and location if you do. thanks, Craig
  9. Scouse boy

    Lowered springs for k11

    Hi guys, im looking into lowering the Super S but don't have the tools to do it myself. So, what have you got? Ideally would like Corsa coilover set up although im happy with matiz set up. Get in contact with what you have, thanks Craig
  10. Scouse boy

    Super S or SR wanted

    Hi guys, im on the lookout for another Super S or SR. Must be in good condition and have MOT/ TAX. Pics and price would be great too. Thanks in advance Craig
  11. Scouse boy

    1994 Nissan Micra Super S for sale

    Hey guys, ive decided its time to sell up after I bought a Civic EK last week. I can't justify having two cars and unfortunately i've decided its the micra which has to go. She is red (AJ4) and currently has 112,000 miles on her with most of her service history. She has central locking, electric...
  12. Scouse boy

    2 bucket seats on micra k11 rails for sale £100

    Hey guys, I bought these seats today for my micra and fitted them today. I really want to keep them, but my girlfriend has applied for a course so lack of funds means we need all the money we can. I could cry, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. I have had them fitted for about 5 mins and then...
  13. Scouse boy

    4 point harness x 1/2 needed

    Hey guys, ive bought some new bucket seats so need harnesses asap ideally. What have you got? thanks in advance Craig
  14. Scouse boy

    Swap Banded steelies for Nissan Alloys + Cash or for cash

    Right guys, after much debate, i've finally decided to swap these alloys. I can't for the life of me remember the spec (Frank is the man for this) but as above, im wanting possible SR alloys or offers? They are white atm and have around 4-5mm tread on them. Any question then let me know, thanks...
  15. Scouse boy

    WTD: Lowered front suspension

    hey guys, im currently running on cut springs at the front, but not really feeling it. Anyone selling: - modded corsa coilovers to fit k11 - modded micra struts with matiz rear springs - other front modded suspension to fit k11 get in contact either by posting on this thread or via pm...
  16. Scouse boy

    1994 Micra Super S for sale

    Hi guys, im thinking about selling up and buying another car and I wont be able to afford 2 cars, so my Micra will have to go. It is a 1994, red (AJ4) Super S with 1275cc engine. It has 107k miles on the clock but runs sweet as a peach. I have most of the service history with her and have bought...
  17. Scouse boy

    Looking for a decent induction kit

    Hey guys as the title says really, looking for something to give the car a deeper growl lol. So what have you got? thanks in advance, Craig
  18. Scouse boy

    4x100 wide steels (made by Frank)

    Hi guys, just seeing if there is any interest in a set of Frank's 4x100 steelies that I have? I would prefer some factory fitted alloys although im open to others... so what have you got? can get pics up tomorrow Craig
  19. Scouse boy

    Panhard rod for k11

    Hi guys im looking for a panhard rod for my super s. Let me know what you've got with prices and pics included please, if possible :)
  20. Scouse boy

    Re: someone to roll my arches... pleaaaaaaaaase!

    Hi guys, ive fitted my banded steelies (thanks Frank) and my rear right wheel is rubbing on the arch... could anyone roll my arches for me or recommend someone in the north west / midlands region? I would be eternally grateful and im willing to pay. Hope someone can help as it is slowly (but...